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We are Perky Pet®, Birdscapes®, and Garden Song® - strong brands recognized as world leaders in the wild bird feeding category!

We offer the broadest and deepest selection of quality bird feeding products at competitive prices.

Our wild bird feeders are targeted to meet the varying needs of you, the consumer! So, whether you are an experienced hobbyist or an amateur bird watcher, there is a feeder to fit each and every lifestyle.

Perkypet.com – Your Ultimate Bird Resource

  • Perky-Pet® - Functional, Innovative Birdfeeders
  • Birdscapes® - Stylish, Decorative Birdfeeders for the Trendy Backyard Decorator
  • Opus® - Decorative Home & Garden Birding Accessories
  • Garden Song® - Elegant, Value-Priced Bird Feeder Designs with Great Style and Performance

Love watching birds in your backyard and want to attract more? Visit Perkypet.com for helpful bird watching and bird feeding advice. Access our popular bird library for additional information about specific birds. Browse our collection of quality bird feeders, feeder accessories, bird baths and bird houses…all sure to please your favorite feathered friends!

Perky Pet®, Birdscapes®, and Garden Song®, are registered trademarks of Woodstream Corp.

Woodstream Corp. offers consumers multiple sets of solutions under the following brand names:

Havahart® - Heavy Duty Animal Traps And Effective Animal Repellents

Havahart® is the leading manufacturer of wildlife control products. Havahart® prides itself on caring control for wildlife by offering live animal traps, conscientious animal repellents, and safe electronic solutions.

Havahart® has been recognized and trusted by consumers since we introduced our first live animal trap over 70 years ago. As the most innovative brand in wild animal control, we are constantly striving to provide you with the newest and most efficacious technology.

We are sensitive to the growing need for a cleaner, healthier environment. Many of our animal repellents are OMRI listed® or USDA® approved for use in organic gardening, and our electronic repellents are energy-conservative and safe for the environment.

Havahart® is a registered trademark of Woodstream Corp.

Perkypet.com - Our Feeders Will Please Expert and Amateur Bird Watchers Perky-Pet® - Functional, Innovative Birdfeeders

Birdscapes® - Stylish, Decorative Birdfeeders for the Trendy Backyard Decorator

Encourage birds to visit your backyard with our collection of affordable bird feeders, feeder accessories, bird baths and bird houses. Access our expert advice on bird watching, bird feeding and browse our resourceful bird library. Perkypet.com can answer all your bird feeder questions.

Safer® Brand - Organic Certified Pest Control Solutions and Lawn Garden Care Products for the Organic Gardener Going green has never been easier! Safer® Brand can help make your organic garden a success with information and advice for the organic gardener. Browse our line of organic gardening and organic pest control products at Saferbrand.com.

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Victor® - Innovative Pest Control Products from Victorpest.com, the Industry Leader in Rodent Control Want the very best in rodent control? Visit Victorpest.com for our full line of rodent control solutions, such as mouse traps, rodent traps, repellents and rodenticides. Combat your rodent problem with solutions that work from Victorpest.com.

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TERRO® - Ant Killing Solutions - It Works While TERRO® is best known as the leader in liquid ant control solutions, we are so much more. Our premium product line of insect repellents, insect killers and insect traps provides options for combating and killing spiders, fruit flies, stink bugs, wasps and hornets, pantry moths and a host of other home-invading pests. Whatever bugs you’re battling, Terro.com has a solution for you.

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