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Wild Bird Feeder Placement

Seed Feeder Placement

Learn how to attract a variety of wild birds with the perfect placement and protection of your bird feeder!

Creating an Attractive Feeding Zone For wild birds to flock to your bird feeders, they need to feel that the area is not only attractive with food and flowers, but a place that's safe from wind, predators, and food stealing squirrels. Follow the guidelines shown above, such as choosing a feeder location away from bushes and shrubs that birds views as potential hiding spots for predators. Also, be sure to hang the feeder high enough that squirrels and other seed-scavenging quadrupeds can't reach.

Squirrel-proof your bird feeding oasis by placing seed feeders at least 10 feet from the nearest tree or fence and as much as 8 feet off of the ground. If these distances are not an option, try using poles, baffles, and squirrel-resistant feeders to ward off the hungry critters.

Feeder Health = Bird Health

Check your wild bird feeder once a week for insects and mold. Consider using a chain or hook hanging method for easy disconnect to make feeder maintenance a breeze! Clean seed feeders every two weeks to promote outstanding bird health. Replenish the seed supply and you'll have plenty of returning feathered friends!

Proper bird feeder location, protection, and maintenance are not only important to the birds you're already feeding, but potential grazers and observers too! Make sure your bird buddies feel at ease around your home and in your backyard.

Watching wild birds feed in your yard can be fun and relaxing. Here is some more information on birds and tips to accessorize your yard to enhance the enjoyment for both you and the birds.

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