Appearance of the Downy Woodpecker

downy woodpecker

The Downy Woodpecker is the smallest and most prevalent woodpecker in North America. It has a white body with black and white feathers on its back and tail.

The difference in appearance between a male and female Downy Woodpecker is the red spot on the back of the male's head. The female head is black in that area.

Weighing between 3/4 of an ounce and an ounce, the Downy Woodpecker only reaches a length of 6-7 inches - small by woodpecker standards!

Geography of the Downy Woodpecker

The Downy Woodpecker can be found from Alaska, southward through most of Canada and the United States.

The Downy Woodpecker comes in two sizes: The larger one lives in more northern areas while the smaller of the species lives more to the south. In addition, larger ones live at higher elevations than smaller ones.

Local Environments of the Downy Woodpecker

downy woodpecker location

The Downy Woodpecker generally does not migrate, preferring to stay in its habitat which ranges from forest lands and wooded areas to wherever birdfeeders can be found.

During the winter, the male and female Downy Woodpecker stay in the same area, but they each search for food individually, with male Downy Woodpeckers sticking to the smaller branches of trees.

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