Purple Finch

Despite the name Purple Finch, the male of the species has more of a raspberry coloring than purple on its upper body. The female Purple Finch does not have the purple coloring, having a color that is more able to blend into the environment when she is nesting.

During the winter, a Purple Finch can often be spotted at bird feeders among the throngs attempting to get nourishment when blossoms, fruits and insects are not available.

Food Preferences

Nesting Habits of the Purple Finch

The cup-shaped nest of the Purple Finch is composed of small sticks and a soft lining of grass and hair. The female Purple Finch generally lays about 4 light blue speckled eggs.

After an incubation period of about 13 days, the eggs hatch. The Purple Finch babies will be ready to fledge in about two weeks after hatching.


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