How to Feed the Birds with Limited Space

How to Feed the Birds with Limited Space

If you’re an avid bird feeder with limited space, never fear. You can still help out your favorite feathered friends even though you don’t have a huge backyard. Whether you just moved to a new home with less yard space, or you’ve been living in an apartment and wishing you could feed the birds, we’re here to help. With these tips, you can bird feed with limited space and become the most popular place on the block to your bird friends!

Choose the right feeder and the right seed

window hummingbird feederIf you have a small backyard, or even a balcony, a traditional tube feeder is a great option for you. This type of feeder may hold smaller quantities of seed, but it will take up less space. You may hang these feeders from a tree if you have the option, or a mounting pole if you don’t.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a small backyard or balcony – your birding career is not over! An excellent option for you would be window feeders. These feeders are small and are designed to suction cup right to your windows. Window feeders are especially great if you’re aiming to attract hummingbirds. Window feeders also put you up-close and personal with your feathered friends!

When it comes to seed, it would be best for to choose a seed that the majority of birds will like. This will allow you to attract a variety of birds and minimize the amount of space that multiple feeders would take up. Black-oil sunflower seed is very popular. We suggest filling your feeder with it. The more popular the food, the more likely you’ll see a variety of birds at your feeder. Black-oil sunflower, for example, draws in cardinals, nuthatches and chickadees.

Offer a drink and a bath

Having a water supply may draw in different types of birds that may not come for a feeder. Including a birdbath in your collection will make your balcony a popular spot for birds because they can get everything they need in one stop: shelter, food, water, and a bath. Since you are already trying to bird feed in a limited space, choosing a smaller birdbath is the best option. If a birdbath is not an option, just try a shallow bowl filled with water. Once they pass along the message to their friends, you’ll have plenty of birds stopping by to enjoy!

Be careful with your bird feeder placement

feeder placementIf you have a small yard and you’re trying to attract wild birds, refrain from putting the feeder in an open area. The birds that will use your feeder want to have shelter, so try to hang the feeder from a tree so they feel secure while they feed. Keep in mind that hummingbirds actually prefer feeding in open spaces near shelter, so if you want to attract hummingbirds, you may want to put the feeder an in open area in your yard.

Trying to bird feed in a limited space is especially tough when it comes to balconies, as placement options are very limited. However, it’s not impossible! Always consider the safety of the birds when choosing where to place your feeder on your balcony. Many balconies in apartment complexes keep their electrical wiring or air conditioning hidden behind a door on tenant balconies, so be careful to not place the feeder near that. Never forget that your little friends are the priority and you want to help them feel safe!

Don’t lose hope

Remember it can take a little time before birds notice your bird-friendly oasis. Don’t give up and make sure you check your feeder every few days even if you don’t see any activity. You never know when they might show up at the buffet.

Even if you have a small backyard, or if you only have a balcony, taking care of your bird friends is not impossible. With these tips you can start bird feeding, with ease. Just keep in mind that your little friends are looking for three things: food, water, and shelter. If you can provide them that, you’re golden!


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