Bring backyard décor to life with decorative and carefully crafted Birdscapes® bird feeders.


Birdscapes® bird feeders are designed with the backyard decorator in mind. Adorned with fine materials and dazzling colors that reflect the most popular trends in outdoor living, Birdscapes® bird feeders will draw a variety of birds to your backyard.

Our feeders are inspired by designs from around the world for both new trends and classic traditions. These decorative hummingbird feeders and wild bird feeders offer supreme functionality for the birds and a touch of beauty for you.

Birdscapes® wood feeders are classic in design and naturally durable to withstand the elements day after day. Our beautiful glass hummingbird feeders come in unique shapes with bright pops of red so the hummingbirds know exactly where to go for a tasty treat. Loaded with extra features like weight activated squirrel resistance, 2-in-1 ports, and funnel tops for easy filling, this line of bird feeders is sure to delight.

Attract an assortment of colorful birds to your backyard, and add to your own lovely décor by choosing a Birdscapes bird feeder. Browse Birdscapes® feeders for a variety of decorative hummingbird feeders and wild bird seed feeders.


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