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The Hummerbar® is a horizontal hummingbird feeder that is turning the Hummingbird Feeder Industry on its side - literally! Our exciting new design has so many great benefits:

  1. Feed more hummers at a single time
  2. Flower ports are positioned for optimal nectar access
  3. Constructed to allow side-by-side feeding
  4. Expertly designed to attract more hummers to a single location
  5. Cutting edge horizontal orientation

The Perky-Pet® team is ecstatic that this new feeder is already finding a place in your hearts. All over our Facebook Post, fans are raving and asking where they can purchase a Hummerbar of their own!! But - they have been asking a lot of great questions too. We have taken the time to answer them below, and will continue to add our answers to your questions as you continue to ask them.

Q. Don't the hummingbirds get tired? Can you add a perch?

A. Actually, no! Hummingbirds have poorly developed feet, and are most comfortable in flight. But, due to the number of requests we have received from our fans for perches on the Hummerbar, we are looking at incorporating them in the next design. Thank you all for your input!

Q. How do you fill the Hummerbar?

A. There is a rubber stopper on the top of the feeder that is removed to fill, and the Hummerbar feeder comes with a small funnel to help get the nectar into the feeder, and not on your floor or lawn. We're working on an instructional video so you can see how this works!

Q. Doesn't the nectar spill out when you're moving the feeder?

A. We recommend that you hang and level the Hummerbar Feeder BEFORE you fill it. If you would rather fill then hang, just be very careful to keep the feeder level. We also recommend only filling half-way, which reduces the chances of nectar spilling out if you cannot keep it level while moving and positioning the Hummerbar. In addition, we recommend you keep the Hummerbar out of areas that receive heavy wind gusts.

Q. How much nectar can the Hummerbar hold?

A. The recommended fill quantity for the 2 ft Hummerbar is 2 cups of nectar and the recommended fill quantity for the 4 ft Hummerbar is 4 cups.

Q. It looks like the Hummingbirds won't be able to reach the nectar as the level goes down - will this really work?

A. Yes, our testing, and this video, show that the feeders work. But, more importantly, we know that hummingbirds have long bills and tongues that can reach deep into flowers to find nectar. Our feeder is designed to provide a similar experience for the hummingbirds.

Q. Aren't hummingbirds territorial? Are you sure the feeder can attract and feed that many hummers?

A. Yes, hummingbirds are territorial. We have seen a single hummingbird manage to guard an up-right, 4-port feeder easily. What we are seeing with the Hummerbar, however, is that the width of the feeder prevents a hummingbird from being able to guard the entire feeder for him or herself. Our belief in the Hummerbar's effectiveness is in the proof - just look at that video! Plus, we have lots of hummingbird enthusiasts who share videos of lots of hummingbirds feeding in a relatively close area, so we knew it would be possible before we designed the feeder.

Do you have more questions? We would love to hear from you! Just add your question to the Facebook thread, and we will respond as soon as possible!