Lyric® Woodpecker Bird Seed - 5 lb Bag

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  • Formulated to Attract Woodpeckers
  • Shell-Free, No Mess Wild Bird Seed
  • 18% Protein, 35% Fat High Energy Mix
  • 5 lb Resealable Bag
  • StayFresh® oxygen abosorbers keep seed fresh
Lyric® Woodpecker Bird Seed - 5 lb. Bag

Lyric® Woodpecker Bird Seed

Woodpeckers are big, gorgeous birds with plenty of personality! If you want to draw them to your bird feeders, Lyric® Wild Bird Food has created a special seed mix with these amazing birds in mind.

Lyric® Woodpecker Bird Seed contains a hand-blended mix of seed that includes a selection of seeds and nuts woodpeckers love. Inside this 5lb bag, you'll find shelled peanuts, sunflower hearts, corn, pecans, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, dried cherries and raisins.

The Lyric® Woodpecker Bird Seed has another feature that's a big benefit to you! This mix is a 100% edible selection, meaning that you're getting 5lb of bird food, not seeds with their hulls. That means you'll have nothing to clean up underneath your feeder. This no waste bird seed mix also limits the seeds' ability to germinate if they fall to the ground. By using no-hull seeds, you avoid the frustrating weed patch that can sprout up under bird feeders!

Lyric® Woodpecker Mix will attract any of the following birds to your feeders: Acorn Woodpeckers, Red-bellied Woodpeckers, Red-headed Woodpeckers, Downy Woodpeckers, Hairy Woodpeckers and Northern Flickers, titmice, towhees, thrushes, chickadees, jays and nuthatches.

Woodpecker Mix Ingredients: Shelled peanuts, sunflower kernels, corn, pecans, pistachios, shelled pumpkin seed, dried cherries and raisins. is the top destination to find quality Wild Bird Feeders and Accessories. Perky-Pet® and K-Feeders® wild bird products are trusted brands to bird lovers everywhere. Interact with nature, relax and build memories that last a lifetime by conveniently ordering from Happy Bird Feeding!


Lyric® Woodpecker Bird Seed - Specifications

Product Features:

  • Formulated to Attract Woodpeckers
  • Shell-Free, No Mess Wild Bird Seed
  • 18% Protein, 35% Fat High Energy Mix
  • 5 lb Re-sealable Bag
  • StayFresh® oxygen absorbers keep seed fresh

What's in the Box:

  • 5lb of mixed bird seed


  • Re-sealable bag
  • Contains shelled peanuts, sunflower kernels, corn, pecans, pistachios, shelled pumpkin seeds, dried cherries and raisins

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Review posted on
February 5, 2018
Great Products. Reasonably priced. Super fast shipping. By Mike

Bought 6 bags. Lots of success at my feeders. And great savings. Also, love the Ontario feeder cam. love this site. Great products.

Review Rate
Review posted on
January 21, 2016
Birds love it! By Child of Sea
I get so much enjoyment when I feed the birds, especially on cold cold winter days. Of course, the squirrels come to get their share but they need to eat also. The squirrels seem to like to eat earlier in the day, so I put out some for them in the morning and refill throughout the day. Everybody's happy!
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Q.What type of feeder should I use for this seed that the woodpeckers will use? All I ever see my woodpeckers on is suet feeders.

The NO/NO® Sunflower Lantern Wild Bird Feeder, model CNCD00351 would be a great option. This feeder holds the Lyric® Woodpecker Bird Seed and is all metal to help prevent damage to the feeder.

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Lyric® Woodpecker Bird Seed - FAQs

Q: What do woodpeckers eat?

A: Woodpeckers get their name from their persistent rat-a-tat-tat assault on trees. When they're chiseling holes in your favorite hardwood, they're almost always looking for insects that are living inside these trees.

Bugs aren't their only menu item though! Woodpeckers of all kinds also love high-protein nuts and seeds as well as suet. That means that you can expect to see woodpeckers at your bird feeders if you offer the right kind of bird food.


Q: Why are other birds attracted to this mix?

A: While the Lyric® Woodpecker Bird Seed mix is designed to attract woodpeckers, it will attract many other species to feeders. This mix is packed with protein (and sweets in the form of raisins), which makes it incredibly helpful to nearly every bird species. Some of the specific species you can expect are Black-capped Chickadees, Blue Jays, Blue Titmice, Bushtits, California Towhees, Chestnut-backed Chickadees, Juniper Titmice, Mountain Chickadees, Northern mockingbird, Oak titmice, Plain Titmice, Red-breasted Nuthatches, Red-winged blackbirds, Stellar's Jays, Tufted Titmice, Varied Thrushes, Western Scrub Jays and White-breasted Nuthatches.


Q: How can I help woodpeckers?

A: One of the biggest problems for woodpeckers is a lack of suitable nesting sites. The Red-headed Woodpecker, for example, nests in "snags." Snags are large, dead trees where the Red-headed Woodpecker excavates its nesting cavity. Many people will remove such trees from their property without knowing how valuable they are to local wildlife. If at all possible, leave these trees be and your local animal population will thrive.


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