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"This feeder is the easiest to clean" More Birds® Bird Health+™ Garnet Hummingbird Feeder with Ant Moat
"Comes with its own ant cup & provides the correct angle for the birds to sit & feed. Every afternoon every port is filled with a sweet little ruby throated hummingbird." - Dee A.
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"Very easy to take a part & clean" More Birds® Abundance Bird Feeder
"Hangs in the best viewing spot from the house & deck. Very easy to take apart & clean throughouly inside & out. If feeds evenly to all perches which are also adjustable to accommodate all types of small to medium birds. All the perches are almost always in use at the same time." - Tommy C.
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"Excellent Finch Feeder" More Birds® Topsy Tails Tube Finch Feeder
"This is a perfect feeder for finches! Within minutes after hanging this tube feeder, I had finches feasting on the finch and thistle seed in the tube! So much fun to watch them and a big bonus is that I have been seeing many more finches in my yard!" - Clasina S.
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"Best all around feeder!" More Birds® Large Hopper Bird Feeder With Suet Holders
"I love that it holds plenty of seed and I especially love the little ledge around the suet cages. The gives the birds easier access to the suet and all types of birds can enjoy it .I hope it lasts a long time." - Barbara M.
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