garden song®

Make bird feeding easy and fun with the elegant designs and exceptional value of Garden Song® bird feeders.


Garden Song® is well-known for its collection of functional, value-priced feeders with contemporary style, offering several options to meet the needs of bird feeding hobbyists. The fun shapes and designs of these bird feeders provide an enjoyable bird feeding experience at a great value!

All of our feeders are easy to fill and easy to clean. You can readily monitor seed and nectar levels with transparent reservoirs, insuring you will always know when it’s time to fill your feeders.

We have a selection of small and large capacity hummingbird feeders. If you get tons of hummingbirds visiting your area, try one of our 48 oz capacity feeders and watch the birds hurry to your backyard for some fresh nectar! If you want to see the birds up close, our Garden Song® window bird feeders are exactly what you need. They easily attach to any window you choose, and provide countless hours of bird watching right from the comfort of your chair.

All of our Garden Song® bird feeders and accessories are sure to bring the sounds and colors of nature right to your backyard.


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recommended products