Bring nature to your doorstep with one-of-a-kind bird feeders for garden birds and bird lovers alike.


Opus® decorative bird feeders and bird feeding accessories bring nature to you. Attract more orioles, hummingbirds and songbirds with beautiful feeders from Opus®. With bright colors and striking accents, the charming Opus® collection is creatively designed so that these feeders will look like a work of art in your backyard.

Each species of bird has a unique eating preference, and this dictates the functionality of every Opus® feeder from start to finish. Our feeders are tested and researched to meet the only highest level of quality.

We offer a variety of feeders including small capacity feeders if you only see a few bird visitors, and large capacity feeders if you are lucky enough to get a whole flock of birds regularly stopping by to dine! All of our Opus® feeders are easy to clean and fill, so your birds will always have nothing but the freshest food possible.

Whether providing nectar to vibrant orioles or black oil sunflower seed to tiny chickadees, we have a feeder for you. Our sleek designs and modern shapes add to your outdoor décor while providing outstanding quality that feeder birds desire. Try an Opus® feeder today, and your birds will thank you!

The Opus® range is only available from our site in the United Kingdom. Check out http://www.wildbirdfeeders.co.uk/ for more information regarding Opus® products.