Perky-Pet® All-In-One Finch Feeder

Model #: 400

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  • Feeding ports convert to goldfinch-only feeders
  • Distributes thistle seed, which squirrels won’t eat
  • Removable lid and base for easy cleaning
  • Finches are among the most populous birds in North America
  • Brilliant yellow highlights match goldfinch plumage

Perky-Pet® All-In-One Finch Feeder

Perky-Pet® All-In-One Finch Feeder

This bright yellow finch feeder features our all-in-one port technology, allowing you to convert it from a thistle-dispensing finch feeder to one that exclusively allows American Goldfinches to dine.

How does it work?

The patent-pending design of the Feeder lets you change from an all-finch feeder to one that only caters to American Goldfinches. The six feeder port plugs are built to rotate and plug into one of two different positions. When the feeder ports above the perches are open, any thistle-eating bird can use the feeder. When the feeder ports below the perches are open, only goldfinches know how to extract the thistle.



Feeder facts

The Perky-Pet® All-in-One Finch Feeder holds 1.5 pounds of thistle seed and has six feeding stations with offset perches that allow you to see more birds at one time.

The yellow highlights on this feeder were selected to match the summer plumage of the American Goldfinch and add a dash of color to your back yard.

The All-in-One also has a wide wire handle for easy hanging on hooks, lines or branches. The clear, plastic reservoir makes it easy to monitor seed levels.

Remember to clean your metal finch feeder once every two weeks with a mild soap and water solution.


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Perky-Pet® All-In-One Finch Feeder - Specifications

Product Features:

  • Feeder has a large-capacity thistle reservoir
  • All-in-One feeder system
  • Yellow highlights match American Goldfinch summer plumage
  • Removable lid and base tab for easy cleaning

What's in the Box:

  • 1 Wild bird feeder


  • 1.5 lb seed capacity
  • 6 feeding stations

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All About

All About

Finches are seed-eating songbirds, most of whom are native to the northern hemisphere. The largest finch is the evening grosbeak, weighing a little over 3 oz on average. The smallest is the lesser goldfinch, which weighs 0.2 oz, and is considered a close cousin to the American Goldfinch. Learn about several finch species at our Bird Library, including the grosbeak, American Goldfinch, purple finch, pine siskin and house finch.


Wild Bird Feeders - FAQs

Q: What do Goldfinches eat?

A: According to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the American Goldfinch is one of the strictest vegetarian species of bird. They eat seeds almost exclusively, only occasionally eating a bug by mistake. At feeders, they are big fans of niger seed, which is sometimes sold as Nyjer or thistle. They also like sunflower seeds.

Q: How do Goldfinches eat?

A: Unlike many birds that enjoy thistle seed, American Goldfinches have no problem extracting food and eating it while upside down. That’s why this feeder is designed with port plugs that can be switched so birds eat above or below the perch. If you want to only attract goldfinches to this feeder, just rotate the patent-pending port plugs into the upside-down feeding position!

Q: Why would only Goldfinches eat from this feeder?

A: When the Perky-Pet® All-in-One Finch Feeder is converted to “goldfinch” mode, no other thistle eaters understand how to access the port. Goldfinches have the unique ability to hang upside down while eating thistle.All other thistle eaters aren’t comfortable eating upside down.

Q: Why are the holes so tiny?

A: The Perky-Pet® All-in-One Finch Feeder is a thistle feeder. Since thistle is such a small seed, the holes need to be small. Don’t worry, the birds will be able to get what they need!

Q: I haven't seen any birds visit this feeder yet. What should I do?

A: Most importantly, give the birds time to discover the feeder and feel comfortable with it. You also might want to start using the feeder in the “normal” feeding position for all birds. Once you have regular visitors to the feeder, you can switch it to the goldfinch-exclusive setting.

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