Perky-Pet® Buy 3 Get 1 FREE - Hummingbird Feeder

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Perky-Pet® Buy 3 Get 1 FREE - Hummingbird Feeder

Perky-Pet® Buy 3 Get 1 FREE - Hummingbird Feeder

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Attract and feed hummingbirds. If you love hummingbirds then this feeder is for you! This bundle includes a FREE feeder, FREE AntGuard®, and FREE shipping… all for the price of 3 feeders!
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Buy 3 Get 1 FREE – “Our Best” Hummingbird Feeder with FREE Nectar

Buy 3 Get 1 FREE – “Our Best” Hummingbird Feeder

This large capacity glass feeder is truly one of "Our Best" glass hummingbird feeders.

The Perky-Pet® “Our Best” Glass Hummingbird Feeder features 6 feeding ports and a unique circular perch design. It holds a whopping 30 ounces of nectar!


For best results, use Perky-Pet® Instant Nectar. This specially blended nectar is easy to use, and requires no boiling.

The feeder may be cleaned with the Perky-Pet® Cleaning Mop. Remember to clean your glass hummingbird feeders at least twice a week, more often in very warm climates or seasons.

Powdered Nectar

Liquid Nectar




Waterer is the top destination to find quality Wild Bird Feeders and Accessories. Perky-Pet® and K-Feeders wild bird products are trusted brands to bird lovers everywhere. Interact with nature, relax and build memories that last a lifetime by conveniently ordering from Happy Bird Feeding!


Buy 3 Get 1 FREE – “Our Best” Hummingbird Feeder - Specifications

Product Features:

  • Hardened glass feeder bottles with a unique circular perch design
  • AntGuard® repels ants from feeders and mounts easily with all hanging feeders

What's in the Box:

  • 4 glass bottle feeders, Model # 209B
  • 1 AntGuard®, Model #245L


  • 30 oz nectar capacity with 6 feeding stations
  • AntGuard® uses Permethrin, proven safe around birds, pets and people

30-Day Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy

Your satisfaction with our bird feeders and service is our top priority!

If you are anything less than completely satisfied with your bird feeder or bird accessory, you may return it within 30 days of receipt for a product replacement or money refund of your full merchandise cost. It's part of our worry-free shopping policy!

See entire return policy»


Disclaimer: Perky-Pet does not endorse any information contained in product reviews. Please follow all label instructions for your specific use.

Most Recent Customer Reviews

Review Rate
Review posted on
September 3, 2018
feeder leeks By Richard

There is a gasket for the 209? Got three several years ago. All leeked. Came with on gaskets. No response from you. Went back to 109s. Figured it was the new wide mouth and the 6,200 hundred foot altitude.

Response From Perky-Pet®
Jennifer : Consumer Relations Representative

Hello Richard,

Thank you for providing this feedback! Some of our feeders include a rubber gasket to help prevent leaking. If the feeders did not come with a gasket, they are not needed for that particular model. We recommend keeping the feeder out of the direct sunlight, hung level and creating a vacuum seal by quickly inverting the feeder upright after filling.

Please feel free to contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973) with any questions or for additional assistance. We are happy to help!

Review Rate
Review posted on
August 27, 2018
Hummingbirds Love IT By Vernithia

The Hummers Love it So We Love It. Each year they seem to change their feeder preference. We have several, but each year this is a winner !!!!!! No Leakage, easy it fill and hang, the bee guards are questionable, but hey...……. They Come and We Feed.

Review Rate
Review posted on
August 15, 2018
The very best Yet! By Gary

I have 7 of the old 109 32 OZ. feeders and numerous extra glass bottles for them. When I saw the new design 209 wide mouth I did the buy 3 and get one free with free shipping. By mid August here in NY I have upwards of 100 hummers feeding all day long. The new 209 feeders did take a few days for the birds to warm up to them. I had to remove the 109s completely to force them to use the 209s. Once they became accustomed to the new style all was perfect. I love the new 209 because they are so easy to clean with a regular bottle brush and refill. I get no leaking at all and appreciate the new style 2 part base which is great for cleaning. All four of my feeders are emptied every day and I am in serious need of extra wide mouth jars which are not yet available that I can find. I make my juice in large batches and refrigerate at least 4 -8 jars so I don't have to make a batch every day. We need replacement jars with storage lids at a reasonable price for these great feeders. The 109 jars worked great with a soda bottle cap used as a lid but were a pain to fill. Wide mouth jars and the new style base are an absolute upgrade but please work with us and get us extra jars with lids for refrigerating extra juice. My front porch is a real battle zone every evening with dive bombing hummers all feeding, squeaking and fighting while filling up before bed but a real pleasure to watch.

Review Rate
Review posted on
May 3, 2018
I like them but a modified handle could stop the swing By Jim

So, I bought these a few weeks ago and finally have hummers coming around. I have them mounted on shepherds staffs. The hummers do feed at them but I've noticed that the feeders swing a lot if there is a breeze which un-nerves the birds and spills all of the "nectar" out. I guess that you could fill the feeder all the way to the top thus increasing the weight but then most of the solution would go to waste before the hummers eat it. Quite costly. My solution was to wrap a decent length rubber band around the staff and hook it over the closest perch on the feeder thereby greatly reducing the swinging motion.

Review Rate
Review posted on
April 19, 2018
Hummer don't like new design. By Gma

They don't like the new design. Great design change idea but for some reason they don't like it.. The bee guard maybe the problem.. We have the old design out and the new, they don't touch the new. We even took away the old one, just to see what they would do... they ignored it and went to our plants instead. Put the old design out and they returned to the feeder.

Response From Perky-Pet®
Jennifer : Consumer Relations Representative

It can take time for hummingbirds to adapt to new food source. We recommend keeping the established feeder removed until the new feeder is being utilized. Planting or placing colorful flowers around the feeder can also help introduce the hummingbirds to the new feeder.

We appreciate the time taken to share this feedback! Please feel free to contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973) with any questions or for additional assistance.

Review Rate
Review posted on
April 18, 2018
Shipping is too high! By Bebe

Seriously?? $15 for shipping??? I can buy something at Walmart & save myself the unbelievable shipping charges. From reading the reviews, I am not sure I want to buy one of these new feeders anyway! The shipping is almost as much as the cost of the feeder!

Response From Perky-Pet®
Jennifer : Consumer Relations Representative

Shipping costs are calculated by UPS and are dependent on several factors such as the weight of the product, where it is being shipped to and the method of shipment. If you would like to save on shipping costs, our feeders can be purchased from several local retailers. Please click here and enter your zip code for retail locations in your area that carry our products.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us! Our Consumer Relations Team can be reached at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973).

Review Rate
Review posted on
April 16, 2018
Your new 30oz. are no good, they leak! By Hummmmmer

I live for feeding the hummers every summer and the newest feeder 30 oz. that comes apart, leaks very badly and have got 2 of them and I go back to the old 30oz. style. I need the glass 30 oz. bottles with the skinny necks....I have broken 3 and looking for replacements and can't find.....You need to go back to the old stlye even tho they are harder to clean and fill, they don't leak!

Response From Perky-Pet®
Jennifer : Consumer Relations Representative

We apologize for this experience and appreciate the time taken to provide this feedback. The information has been shared with our Product Managers.

All of our hummingbird feeders that are currently available for purchase can be found here. Replacement parts are no longer available due to low demand, however please keep in mind all feeders are covered by a one year warranty with a copy of the purchase receipt.

Please feel free to contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973) with any questions or for additional assistance.

Review Rate
Review posted on
April 15, 2018
Completely Satisfied By Dennis

I bought the 290B (5 pack). I have had mine for over a year and they work great. Hummies love them. I have read the negative reviews on this item and I have to say, I have not experienced any of the concerns listed. I wonder if the leaking issue is because the bottle is not seated to the removable washer in the base. Good luck, I love this item.

Review Rate
Review posted on
April 13, 2018
bb209B . Very nice By Dieter

Really perfect. Very easy to fill and clean. Will buy it again.

Review Rate
Review posted on
March 16, 2018
faulty threading ; remove food color & chemicals By Kari

I have purchased these wide-mouth feeders before , but the recent one does not thread properly and falls off. Also I REALLY dislike red food coloring or any preservative in the sugar water. All that's needed is a 4:1 mix of water to sugar . that's it ! Please take the food coloring out of your product . I will be returning my feeder and hope the next one threads properly. I am interested to see if the birds prefer flat flowers to raised as some have pointed out ... this I do not know yet . A pipecleaner works well in the ports and are $1.00 for a package at Dollar Tree... just saying'..

Response From Perky-Pet®
Jennifer : Consumer Relations Representative

While we only use food grade ingredients in our products, we are exploring the concept of expanding our product line with natural sources for colored nectar. In the meantime, we do offer clear nectar if you prefer it

We appreciate the time taken to provide this feedback and have shared the information with our Product Managers. Please feel free to contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973) with any questions or for additional assistance.

Read All Reviews (232) Write a Review
Q.I have a Perky Pet 209-B hummingbird feeder. The plastic 'perch ring' that affixes to to the bottom of the feeder is broken. Can I buy one? I see everything available but the 'perch ring'. Thanks in advance. :)

Replacement parts are no longer available; however, the feeder is covered by a one-year replacement warranty from the date of purchase. Please contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973) for assistance. We are happy to help!

Q.We bought a bb209b at the Rockport Hummer Festival. It really looks high quality. We have nine other feeders up with well over 100 birds here most of the time. They check this feeder out and then move on without feeding. It appears that this feeder requires a longer bill than the others. Any info appreciated.

Hummingbirds are creatures of habit and will take time to adjust to a new feeder in their environment. Removing established feeders until the new feeder is being utilized works well to help them adjust.

Q.I have 4 30oz hummingbird feeders that have started to 'drip' … all of the parts are still snug, and the feeders do NOT drip when initially hung. Any suggestions?

Where are the feeders hung? We recommend keeping the feeders out of the direct sunlight as liquid will expand when it gets warmer. Please feel free to contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973) with any questions or for additional assistance.

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