Perky-Pet® Can Help You Soar Through the Holiday Season!

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As the colder weather is rapidly approaching, many individuals are starting to get into the holiday spirit. The thought of buying gifts for loved ones consumes our thoughts, while time continues to slip away. Perky-Pet® is here to help you soar through December and check off the bird lover in your life by inviting you to our nest of birding deals.

Throughout the month of December we will be offering daily deals, valid for 24 hours each, in our online shop. We’ll be offering deals on over 10 different products, discounts up to 30% off sitewide and more! With this much variety, you are sure to find the perfect gift for any bird enthusiast.

At this time of the year it is important to make sure that birders are more aware of their birdscaped yards. Since not all species of birds migrate, it is key to make sure that the feeders are full and that we are offering our feathered friends a source of water. However, squirrels can be a major nuisance to birds and Perky-Pet® has the perfect squirrel resistant solutions.

With nearly 45 varieties of Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders, we have the gift for any person and yard. These feeders keep the seed away from the squirrels and reserved for the birds.

Hummingbird feeders are one of the must functional and attractive feeders offered by Perky-Pet®. Our online store carries a wide array of feeders to suit anyone’s personal style. If you cannot find one that makes you sing, you can Design-a-Feeder for yourself or your favorite bird lover.

Choose to create a hummingbird or seed feeder with Design-a-Feeder. This tool offers an array of colors, shapes and accessories. You can also include nectar, deterrents, chains, poles, hooks and more to round out your birdscaping.

The 25 Daily Deals of December will be sent to the inbox of Perky-Pet® subscribers, who have access to a sneak peek during December. The deals can also be viewed here. To join in on the holiday savings, sign-up for our E-Newsletter here and visit us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.