Questions about Perky-Pet® Fruit Trio Oriole Nectar Feeder


Q.We have one of your Oriole feeder and all the perches have all pretty much rotted or broken off. Can i buy just the perches so I can get this thing up early this year?

Replacement parts are no longer available, however, our feeders are all covered by a 1-year replacement policy. Please contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973) for assistance.

Q.Is this feeder dish washer safe?

We do not recommend placing our feeders in the dishwasher.

Q.Are Orioles ever seen in the Lanham area (20706 zip code)?

Orioles return to the area in early spring, spreading out across many regions of the United States. For more information on where to find the five most common varieties, and information on how to attract orioles to your feeder, please click here.

Q.I can't tell from the photos of this oriole feeder how the bee guard works. This is a must for me for the bees to NOT have access.

The ports for this feeder are small holed for the birds to access the nectar. They have a shaft built into the port, which is not visibile from the outside, that prevents bees from being able to reach the nectar.

Q.does the base of the fruit trio oriole nectar feeder come apart? It is very difficult to empty old food and clean if it doesn't.

The base does not come apart, but the wide-mouth opening is intended to make cleaning easier. For any hard-to-get areas, we recommend putting a handful of uncooked rice in the reservoir, adding water, and shaking. The rice will go to the hard to reach areas and should help to clean the feeder.