Questions about Perky-Pet® Hanging Tray Bird Feeder


Q.What is the measurement of this tray? Is there a baffle for this tray to keep seeds dry?

The dimensions of the feeder are approximately 10.25 inches (depth and width) and 13.50 inches (height). While this feeder does not include a baffler, the Perky-Pet® Transparent Squirrel Baffler (Model 340) works well for this application. 

Q.What are the dimensions of Perky Pet 50178 Hanging Tray Bird Feeder?Dz

This feeder measures 10.25 inches square and 9.25 inches from the top of the hanger to the bottom of the tray.

Q.What are the dimensions (length & width) of the Perky Pet Hanging Tray bird feeder?

This feeder is approximately 10" x 10" x 1.75".