Perky-Pet® Holiday Wreath Lantern Bird Feeder

Model #: 363WREATH

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  • All-Metal Frame with a Green Sparkle Finish
  • Decorative Screen Printed Wreath Designs
  • Patented Sure-Lock™ Cap System
  • Bird Preferred U-shaped Perches
  • Holds 2.5 lb of Bird Seed
Perky-Pet® Holiday Wreath Lantern Bird Feeder

Perky-Pet® Holiday Wreath Lantern Bird Feeder

Looking to bring a little more luster to your Winter Wonderland? The Perky-Pet® Holiday Wreath Lantern Bird Feeder is a delightful addition to your yard as it draws beautiful birds throughout the day.

This feeder features a powder-coated all-metal frame and a 2.5 lb seed capacity. Two of its four seed reservoir panels include an eye-catching wreath design, making it the perfect gift for the bird lover in your life. With its glittering finish, the Wreath Lantern feeder adds a festive touch to a yard!

Hang this feeder outside a window for a lovely view of your feathered friends all winter long!

Wild Birds love:

  • Continuous seed delivery from four sides
  • U-shaped perches

You'll love:

  • Metal frame and hanging cable resists squirrels
  • Sure-Lock™ lid limits pest access
  • Powder-coat finish resists rust

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Perky-Pet® Holiday Wreath Lantern Feeder - Specifications

Product Features:

  • Metal frame with sparkling green finish
  • Decorative festive design on 2 sides
  • Sure-Lock™ lid stops squirrels
  • U-shaped perches
  • Drain holes keep moisture away from seed
  • Chew-proof hanging cable

What's in the Box:

  • 1 Perky-Pet® Holiday Wreath Lantern Bird Feeder


  • 2.5 lb seed capacity

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Wild Bird Feeders - FAQs

Q: How do I clean this feeder?

A: Since you should clean a bird feeder about every two weeks, you'll be glad to know that cleaning the Wreath Lantern feeder is easy. First, empty out any remaining bird seed and unhitch the Sure-Lock(tm) cap. Next carefully remove the clear reservoir panels and clean them with a mild soap-and-water solution. Next, rinse out the inside and outside of the metal frame and scrub with the soap and water. Finally, allow it to drip-dry and its ready to go back into service.

Q: What kinds of birds will this feeder attract?

A: For bird feeders that dispense bird seed, it's often not about the shape and design of the feeder that attracts birds. Instead it's the bird seed you put inside it! If you want to attract a wide variety of birds, including cardinals and Blue Jays, the best seed is black oil sunflower seed. Other seeds, such as this chickadee blend aims to attract those little cuties!

Q: I'm going on vacation. Will my birds starve if my feeders aren't refilled regularly?

A: While your birds certainly appreciate the steady and convenient supply of bird seed from your feeder, they won't starve if it sits empty for a few days or even a week or two. Your feeder is just one place they've learned to find food. They have many such resources to eat and drink from in the immediate area!

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