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Contact:  James Kelly
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Perky-Pet® Introduces Interactive, Online Hummingbird Migration Map

March 2011 - Lititz, PA- Perky-Pet®, the recognized industry leader in wild bird feeding, is making it possible for you to track this year’s spring hummingbird migration throughout North America right from your computer and in your own backyard.

This new interactive feature on our website ( puts your own hummingbird sighting on the map. For the first time, you can submit your hummingbird sightings and see them posted online in real time. Identify the species, include the date, your location...even upload a picture. Your sighting will appear on screen to share with other hummingbird enthusiasts. Stop back often to view new sightings as the hummingbirds embark on a journey that not only requires a great deal of their time and energy, but is important in their life cycle and necessary for their survival.

The Perky-Pet® Hummingbird Migration Map is an exciting and interactive way for you to follow these fascinating creatures from coast-to-coast and border-to-border as they make their northward trek.

Our exclusive, dynamic Hummingbird Migration Map is just a click away at Visitors will also find a Calendar of Hummingbird Festivals and events, an extensive library of hummingbird facts and a wide range of products to enhance the bird feeding experience. offers helpful advice on bird watching and bird feeding to help birders attract more birds to their location. The site is an excellent resource for information on Hummingbirds, Wild Birds, and Orioles, as well as for a broad selection of bird feeders, hummingbird feeders, wild bird feeders, oriole bird feeders, birdhouses, feeder accessories, tube feeders, small bird feeders, bird baths and more.

An online “Bird Library” provides information on hummingbirds, wild birds, and orioles, with valuable details on species, characteristics, nesting habits, and food preferences, while “Birdwatching 101” is an informative source on great bird watching locations, equipment, and landscaping tips to attract our fine-feathered friends.

Perky-Pet® brand is a trusted name to bird lovers, with high quality, functional feeders that address the demands of both bird hobbyists and enthusiasts alike. A good resource for just about every wild bird need is right at your fingertips- visit the Perky-Pet® website to learn more about bird watching, feeding, tips and tools, and ways to attract birds.