Clear Liquid Hummingbird Nectar Ready-To-Use 64 oz Bottle

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  • Dye-free option for feeding hummingbirds
  • 100% sucrose concentrate
  • 64 oz bottle
  • Ready-to-use - no mixing required!
Perky-Pet® Ready-To-Use Clear Hummingbird Nectar

Perky-Pet® Ready-To-Use Clear Hummingbird Nectar

Our Perky-Pet® Ready-To-Use Clear Hummingbird Nectar is pre-mixed and ready for immediate use in a Perky-Pet® hummingbird feeder. All you need to do is unscrew the cap and pour it into your feeder. The Ready-To-Use nectar is made from 100% sucrose and formulated to keep hummingbirds coming back to your yard. is the top destination to find quality Wild Bird Feeders and Accessories. Perky-Pet® and K-Feeders wild bird products are trusted brands to bird lovers everywhere. Interact with nature, relax and build memories that last a lifetime by conveniently ordering from Happy Bird Feeding!


Perky-Pet® Ready-To-Use Clear Hummingbird Nectar - Specifications

  • 64 oz bottle of ready-to-use hummingbird nectar
  • Made with 100% sucrose
  • No mixing required

Disclaimer: Perky-Pet does not endorse any information contained in product reviews. Please follow all label instructions for your specific use.

Most Recent Customer Reviews

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Review posted on
April 10, 2020
Don't buy it. By Ken
I bought a 64 oz. bottle of your clear nectar to supplement my other nectar which was starting to run low and my normal delivery was delayed a couple weeks. I mixed it with my existing nectar 50/50 so as not to throw the little guys off. No deal, they wouldn't even touch it! The half a dozen hummers refused it for a week. Dumped it all out and went back my usual "Moore wild birds hummingbird nectar", and they are all back after one day. The strike is over, it's bedlam in the backyard again.
Review Rate
Review posted on
January 25, 2020
No good By JY

This stuff, is no good. Hummingbirds smell and take off. Emptied it out, used water and sugar and now I have my birds back. Bought the stuff from lowes, maybe home depot has better stuff. Don't buy!!!

Response From Perky-Pet®
Kathryn : Consumer Relations Representative

Birds are creatures of habit and it can take time for them to acclimate to changes in their routine. It may take a few days for them to learn that this food is just as tasty as what they're used to! For more information, please contact us directly at 855-737-5973, we're happy to help.

Review Rate
Review posted on
October 14, 2019
Don’t buy By Helena

The birds don’t like the taste. They sip it and leave.

Response From Perky-Pet®
Lauren : Consumer Relations Representative

Hello Helena - Thank you for sharing this feedback. We apologize for this experience and have shared these concerns with our Product Manager for review. Please feel free to reach out to us at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973) with any questions.

Review Rate
Review posted on
March 25, 2019

I thought you knew better than I what was good food for hummers. I tried this for 2 years with no hummers. This past year after a month with nothing, I emptied this clear liquid & replaced with homemade sugar watert. I had more hummingbirds than my 2 feeders could handle within minutes. You need to review your formula for hummingbirds or just change it to sugar water as it is definitely wrong, voted by me & about 12 ~ 15 birds.

Response From Perky-Pet®
Kathryn : Consumer Relations Representative

We are sorry to hear about this experience and would like to know more. Please contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973) for assistance. We are happy to help!

Review Rate
Review posted on
May 29, 2018
Hummers totally rejected this nectar and disappeared, but have loved other brand and homemade. By Dee

My hummingbirds requested I leave the lowest rating for this nectar. They would not drink at all from the two feeders and totally disappeared. For a few years I fed them the red dye concentrate (not Perky-Pet) brand and they loved it. But, since I had heard negatives about the red dye, I began feeding them the clear homemade brew and they loved it. Then, due to the convenience, I purchased the Perky-Pet clear and they approached the feeders, seemed to try to feed, but then abandoned the process altogether. Yesterday, I restored the feeders with the homemade brew and two of the females have returned and are feeding enthusiastically again. Hope the rest will get the news and return. I'm disappointed in the results I experienced from this pricey lesson ($7.44) and am somewhat puzzled as to why this product failed. Looking at the ingredients, could the preservatives have caused such a negative reaction? Will not purchase this product ever again.

Response From Perky-Pet®
Jennifer : Consumer Relations Representative

Once hummingbirds are used to a certain type of nectar, they will be hesitant to try something new as they are creatures of habit. To help the process along, we recommend using the new nectar only until it is being utilized. The hummingbirds will come back to the feeder since they are used to feeding in that location.

This product is covered by a 30 day return policy and a one year warranty with a copy of the purchase receipt. Please feel free to contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973) for additional assistance.

Review Rate
Review posted on
August 10, 2015
great feeder! By DizzyJean
I love this feeder, altho' so far I'm not having much luck getting the hummers to come back. It is the first feeder I've had since heart surgery slowed me down nearly 10 years ago. I have planted bright colored flowers as well.......... hoping they will spot my feeder and come back to me.
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Q.Does the ready to use clear nectar have an expiration date?

Before the nectar is opened (when the seal is still intact), it does not have a shelf life. Once the product is opened, it can be stored in the refrigerator for up to one month.

Q.Does ready to use nectar require refrigeration?

Once opened, this nectar should be stored in the refrigerator and can be used for up to one month.

Q.Why did the Hummingbird ready-to-use nectar turn black in our hummingbird feeder?

We recommend changing the nectar at least twice a week and cleaning the feeder with a mild soap and water solution each time you change the nectar.

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Ready-To-Use Clear Hummingbird Nectar FAQs

Q: What is the best hummingbird feeder?

A: Perky-Pet® offers a variety of hummingbird feeders to suit your needs—and the needs of your hummingbirds! Some of our feeders are filled from the bottom of the feeder, others from the top. We make fully functional hummingbird feeders that are decorative too. Still other feeders are engineered to give you the best opportunity to see your hummingbirds. At Perky-Pet® it’s all about options for you!


Q: How often should a hummingbird feeder be cleaned?

A: Since hummingbird feeders are essentially filled with sugar water, they need occasional cleaning. Once a month soak your feeder in water. Give it a quick scrub, rinse and its ready to hang up and refill.


Q: Will nectar draw bugs?

A: The sucrose in a hummingbird feeder also attracts ants, wasps, bees and yellow jackets, to name a few. You can keep larger flying insects out of your supply of nectar by purchasing a hummingbird feeder with bee guards installed. Ants can be warded off with Perky-Pet® Ant Guard. Some feeders have a built-in moat that serves as an ant guard.


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