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Viral video of hummingbirds swarming Hummerbar® creates huge demand

Lititz, Pa.-- May 15, 2015—A viral video making the rounds on social media has exploded the sales of a revolutionary horizontal hummingbird feeder—proving it to be irresistible to birds and consumers alike! 

The Hummerbar® is setting the bird watching world ablaze with a viral video showing scores of hummingbirds swarming a clear, tubular feeder that overcomes the inherent problems of most feeders. While conventional vertical feeders can often serve a single dominant hummingbird at a time, the Hummerbar® can feed dozens of hummingbirds at once, diffusing the natural territorial instincts of many hummingbirds. No single bird can dominate the entire feeder, which comes in 2 foot and 4 foot lengths.

The Hummerbar® was invented to allow for optimal spacing between feeding openings that are presented at the precise angle for ideal nectar access for in-flight hummingbird feeding.
The video, which was filmed in Northern California, is absolutely mesmerizing and has reached nearly a quarter million people. Hummingbirds are attracted to the feeder’s color and simple floral design. The transparent tube allows them to see while feeding, easing their concern of predators, and offers optimal viewing angles for owners. 

“We were totally blindsided by the response to the product and sold out of our initial summer-long inventory of the Hummerbar® in 10 days,” said Judy Hoysak, Perky-Pet® senior category manager. “Since then, we’ve significantly ramped up our manufacturing to meet online demand and interest from retailers.”

Perky-Pet® isn’t new to creating hit products. The company, based in Lititz, just outside of Lancaster, Pa., is the industry leader in bird feeding products and manufacturing. Its online e-commerce site is one of the most trafficked bird product sites in the world. 

Set up of the Hummerbar® takes less than five minutes. Simply hang it, adjust its easy-slide cord locks until the bird feeder is level, and fill with nectar.


Perky-Pet® makes bird feeding and care easy, fun, and accessible to the world. Its revolutionary new horizontal hummingbird feeder, the Hummerbar®, makes it simple for anyone to attract and care for an abundance of hummingbirds for endless hours of enjoyment. Headquartered in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Amish country in Lititz, Pa., Perky-Pet® is a trusted name to bird lovers everywhere. 

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Company Contact:
Judy Hoysak
, Senior Category Manager

James Kelly, Category Associate

PR Contact:
Sarah Weyand
, Account Executive

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