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Contact: James Kelly
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Squirrel-Proofing Kits from Perky-Pet®

Protect Seed, Attract Birds

If you enjoy bird feeding, not squirrel feeding, Perky-Pet®, the recognized industry leader in wild bird feeding, has the perfect solution with kits that combine attractive, functional seed feeders with an effective, animal repellent spray to deter and safely keep squirrels away.

All of the kits incorporate feeders designed to be squirrel-proof and several kits provide additional protection by including baffles. All kits combine a feeder with the best selling animal repellent on the market to make sure that your bird feeding efforts are completely protected.

In all, Perky-Pet® offers eight kits providing the best ways to keep squirrels from raiding the feeder while allowing birds to eat to their hearts' content. Each of the feeders is attractively designed to complement any outdoor decor.

The kits include Critter Ridder® ready-to-use animal repellent from Havahart® featuring all-natural, active ingredients that serve as long-lasting scent and taste deterrents. The 32 oz. spray bottle covers up to 320 sq. ft. A single application of Critter Ridder® provides long-lasting protection from nuisance animals for up to 30 days of protection.

With a patented formula, Critter Ridder® is the #1 selling and most-effective multi-surface animal repellent on the market. Made in the USA, Critter Ridder® repellent is OMRI® listed, EPA-registered and approved for use in organic gardening. Specifically designed for safe use around children and pets, it repels animals, but does not have a scent that is offensive to humans.

While all of the feeders are designed to be squirrel-proof, several of the kits also include a transparent, dome-shaped baffle shield that can be hung or pole mounted, blocking squirrels from above or below. Each of the feeders features squirrel-proof design elements ranging among metal components, fixed and pressure-activated cages, break-away perches, and domed construction. The variety of designs and the squirrel-proof features offer bird lovers a wide selection of choices to meet their specific needs.

Perky-Pet® brand is a trusted name to bird lovers, with high quality, functional feeders that address the demands of both bird hobbyists and enthusiasts alike. A good resource for just about every wild bird need is right at your fingertips.