Bird Feeder Accessories

Bird feeding accessories can make your bird feeding experience more enjoyable for you and your feathered friends. Perky-Pet® offers a great selection of accessories for wild bird feeders and hummingbird feeders. Whether you’re looking for seed scoops, bird feeder baffles, hanging hooks, ant protection for hummingbird feeders, bird feeder mounting poles or a simple bird house, Perky-Pet® has what you need.

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    • Wire barrier keeps squirrels at a distance from the feeding ports
    • 12 feeding ports means there's plenty of room for multiple birds
    • Feeder holds up to 3 lb of seed
    • Scoop N’ Fill™ seed scoop holds up to 4 cups of seed & doubles as a bag clip
    • The 33” hanging chain adjusts to fit various tree branch diameters
    • Includes a Perky-Pet® Easy Feeder, a 33-inch hanging chain, and a Scoop N’ Fill™ seed scoop

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Bird Feeder Accessories to Make Your Bird Feeding Experience Better

Whether you are buying your first feeder or if you’ve been feeding wild birds for decades, there are ways to make the experience easier and more enjoyable! That’s where these helpful accessories come into play.

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