Decorative Bird Feeders

Combining function and ingenuity with stylish design, decorative bird feeders are the perfect choice for birders of all experience levels! Not only will you be able to attract flocks of colorful songbirds to your bird feeders, you will also add beautiful décor to your yard. Perky-Pet® has the largest selection of high quality decorative bird feeders around. Offering styles from simple to ornate, you’re sure to find the perfect decorative bird feeder for you!

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  1. $19.99
    • Wide-mouth Top-Fill design for easy, mess-free filling
    • Five zinnia-inspired ports are soft and flexible for a natural feel
    • Feeding port is specially shaped to keep bees out of nectar
    • Gasket in the feeder base prevents leaking
    • Entire feeder comes apart for easy cleaning
    • Holds up to 16 oz of nectar

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Types of Decorative Bird Feeders

Hopper – If you’re looking for easy-to-use and larger capacity feeder then look no further than a hopper-style feeder. Decorative hopper feeders come in classic silhouettes such as lantern and chalet styles. The word hopper means a container that holds bulk material and that’s exactly what you’ll get from a hopper bird feeder. Because of their shape, they typically hold 2 lb of bird seed or more.

Tube – When most people think of a bird feeder, they think of a tube feeder – but these feeders can also be decorative. With added elements such as brushed copper or pops of bright color, decorative tube feeders take traditional tube feeders up a notch. Tube feeders usually feature 4 or more ports so many birds can dine at once.

Mesh – Decorative mesh bird feeders come in fun shapes and add character to your décor. Because the whole feeder is mesh, many birds can dine at the same time! Birds simply cling anywhere on the mesh surface and pull out the seeds they prefer.

Hummingbird – Colors abound when choosing a decorative hummingbird feeder! Hummingbirds are attracted to bright colors that resemble the vibrant flowers they find in nature. Antique bottle feeders combine a vintage look with the durability of a glass feeder. Mason jar styles have a large capacity and give your yard a touch of rustic charm. There’s no end to the decorative options.

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