Hopper Bird Feeders

Because of their size, hopper bird feeders attract many birds that wouldn’t normally be able to fit at smaller feeders. These versatile feeders typically have a large seed capacity, which is great for your hungry backyard birds. For your convenience, these bird feeders can be pole-mounted or hung to allow for endless placement options. With a hopper bird feeder, you’re sure to have hours of bird watching enjoyment!

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Types of Hopper Bird Feeders

Squirrel Resistant – Squirrel resistant hopper feeders help keep squirrels out of your bird seed. Using weight-activated technology, the ports close when a squirrel jumps or hangs onto the feeder. The birds light weight leaves the ports open, allowing them to feed uninterrupted. Squirrel resistant feeders feature metal elements to prevent damage caused by gnawing.

Decorative – Decorative hopper feeders can be one of the most stylish feeders to own. Their large size and shape give them so many opportunities for decorative elements to be added. Details like brushed copper finishes and rustic holly berry patterns make decorative hopper bird feeders a splendid addition to any backyard!

Window – Window hopper feeders bring birds right up to your window so you can watch them whenever you choose. Simply attach the small, plastic feeder to your window by using the provided suction cups, and start watching the birds flock to your window!

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