Glass Hummingbird Feeders

Feed your hungry hummingbirds and enhance your backyard décor with beautiful glass hummingbird feeders. These classic feeders come in a variety of shapes, styles and capacities so you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for. Simply fill hummingbird feeders with sweet nectar, and watch as these iridescent beauties come flocking to your yard!

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Glass hummingbird feeders are a stylish way to attract hummingbirds. Sun and weather can be rough on a feeder, but the glass construction is able to withstand these conditions. However, because glass has a tendency to break more easily when dropped, be sure to these feeders are securely hung on a pole or hanging hook that is somewhat shielded from the wind.

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Types of Glass Hummingbird Feeders

Bottom Fill – Traditional bottom fill hummingbird feeders are a tried-and-true method for feeding your hummers. The feeder base dispenses nectar through the built-in ports, while the suspended reservoir creates a tight vacuum spill to prevent leaks. The nectar reservoir easily unscrews from the base for cleaning and refilling.

Top Fill – Top fill hummingbird feeders make filling and cleaning incredibly easy. From the outside, they resemble the look of bottom fill feeders, but they function quite differently on the inside. When refilling, all you have to do is unscrew the top cap and pour in the nectar. Inside the base of the feeder is a float mechanism that only allows the proper amount of nectar to dispense.

Decorative – Glass hummingbird feeders are some of the most unique and decorative hummingbird feeders on the market. Glass bottles feeders are available in many stunning shapes and styles such as antique bottles and mason jars. They also come in a variety of colors so they truly serve as yard décor as well as bird feeders.

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