Window Hummingbird Feeders

Enjoy the buzzing sounds and colorful acrobatics of hummingbirds up close with a window hummingbird feeder. Window hummingbird feeders can be mounted securely to any window with the provided suction cups for an extra tight hold. Never miss a minute of impressive hummingbird activity by always having them in view. Browse our selection of window-mounted hummingbird feeders to find the right one for you!

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  1. $11.99
    • Feeder attaches directly to windows for up-close bird watching
    • Three hollyhock-inspired ports are soft & flexible for a natural feel
    • Feeding ports are tapered to keeps bees out of nectar
    • Mount two ways – use the suction cup or hang from a nail
    • Comes apart completely for easy cleaning
    • Constructed of shatter-resistant plastic for durability
    • Holds up to 8 oz of nectar

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Types of Window Hummingbird Feeders

Bottom Fill – Bottom fill window hummingbird feeders are made of either glass or plastic with transparent nectar reservoirs for maintaining optimum nectar levels. The nectar reservoir unscrews from the base for easy cleaning and refilling. Once full, simply attach the base and quickly invert the feeder to create a vacuum seal and keep nectar from spilling out.

Dish – Dish-style hummingbird feeders are one of the easiest options to use and maintain. The dish that holds the nectar has a nice, wide opening that makes filling simple and cleaning a breeze. It comes with a bright red lid with tiny feeding ports and perches so hummers can easily spot it from far away.

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