Mesh Bird Feeders

Metal mesh bird feeders provide birds with a large feeding area while resisting squirrel damage and protecting your bird seed supply. Perky-Pet® offers top quality metal mesh bird feeders in different colors and style options. Even better, their durable and rugged construction mean you’ll be able to use these attractive feeders for years to come.

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  1. $29.99
    • 2 seed catching trays
    • Evenseed technology dispenses seed evenly throughout the feeder
    • Powder-coated, all-metal mesh construction
    • Attracts clinging and perching birds
    • Holds up to 4 lb of seed
  2. $27.99
    Feed finches. Mesh wire design and attached tray attract both clinging and perching birds so you’ll have a larger variety and volume of beautiful birds feeding in your yard or garden.

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  3. $30


    Complement your backyard décor and feed the wild birds.

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  4. $36


    • Add a whimsical touch to your yard
    • Wire diamond mesh design attracts clinging birds
    • Durable all-metal construction
    • Powder-coated for rust resistance
    • 2.25 lb seed capacity

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Metal Mesh Bird Feeders for Your Favorite Seed-Feeding Birds

Clinging birds, including the Tufted Titmouse, Black-Capped Chickadee and White-breasted Nuthatch, often prefer mesh feeders over any other style of feeder. The mesh surface area enables them to climb all over the feeder while pulling out the bird seed , similar to how they would hang from a flower while eating.

Because the mesh has openings across the entire surface area of the feeder, these feeders act as though they have unlimited feeding ports for birds to eat from. Some mesh bird feeders even have attached perches so perching birds, including the Northern Cardinal, can enjoy the feeders.

Perky-Pet® metal mesh bird feeders are made of all metal and include no plastic and no wood, which makes them ideal for winter bird feeding. The durable metal construction also gives them extra resistance to squirrel damage by protecting them from chewing or scratching. The open style mesh is perfect for keeping bird seed dry and fresh by allowing water to simply drain from the bottom of the feeder. Mesh feeders are easy to clean and use, making them an excellent low-maintenance bird feeder option.

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