Oriole Bird Feeders

The brilliant orange and black orioles can be a delight to see in any backyard. Orioles have a big sweet tooth, and they particularly love sugar water, orange slices and jelly. Watch orioles flock to your yard when you offer them their very own oriole nectar feeder or jelly feeder. Our feeders even feature vibrant orange accents to draw them in from afar!

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  1. $16.99
    • Plastic dish-style feeder makes filling and cleaning easy
    • Built in ant moat keeps ants out of nectar
    • 4 orange-slice shaped feeding ports with perches
    • Holds 16 oz of nectar
  2. $17.99
    • Multiple serving options to attract more orioles
    • Wide-mouth opening for easy cleaning and filling
    • Built-in ant moat and bee guards keep out insects
    • Includes orange spike and jelly cup attachments
    • Four feeding ports with perches
    • Holds up to 30 oz of nectar
  3. $19.99
    • Vintage carnival glass bottle with orange luster finish
    • Wide mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning
    • Unique circular perch
    • 4 flower feeding ports
    • 16 oz nectar capacity

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Types of Oriole Feeders

Nectar – Nectar feeders hold a simple sugar and water solution. This type of oriole feeder is a popular choice that features large ports to accommodate large bills, and oversized perches that offer adequate room for these songbirds to sit and dine. Some may even feature spaces to put orange slices for an extra treat!

Jelly – Orioles love jelly! Typical jelly feeders come with a small dish and perch for the orioles to sit on. The Perky-Pet® Oriole Jelly Feeder takes things one step further! The inverted jelly jar ensures the jelly stays fresh and dry. Since jelly can be clumpy and sticky, the jelly stirrer inside the jar dispenses the perfect amount of jelly into the tray every time.

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