Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeders

Squirrels are notorious for raiding bird feeders, making a mess of your garden and scaring your birds away. Perky-Pet® offers a variety of squirrel resistant feeders that use weight-activated technology, baffles and cages to keep squirrels out while permitting the birds to get their favorite treats.

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  1. $32.99
    • Weight-activated perch closes off ports under squirrels' weight
    • Metal base, perches, and ports resist squirrel damage
    • Mini baffle above ports to shield birds and seed
    • 3 feeding ports & circular perch to accommodate multiple birds
    • Holds up to 3.5 lb of seed

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  2. $36


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    • Wire barrier keeps squirrels at a distance from the feeding ports
    • 12 feeding ports means there's plenty of room for multiple birds
    • Feeder holds up to 3 lb of seed
    • Scoop N’ Fill™ seed scoop holds up to 4 cups of seed & doubles as a bag clip
    • The 33” hanging chain adjusts to fit various tree branch diameters
    • Includes a Perky-Pet® Easy Feeder, a 33-inch hanging chain, and a Scoop N’ Fill™ seed scoop

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Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeders

Perky-Pet® knows how frustrating it can be when squirrels raid your bird feeders. Not only do squirrels pilfer bird seed and make a mess, but they also chase those beautiful birds away. Look to a wide range of anti-squirrel bird feeders from Perky-Pet®, which is always developing new bird feeder designs to keep these pests from stealing from your feathered friends.

Here are some common questions asked by bird lovers as they search for squirrel resistant bird feeders:


Squirrel Resistant Bird Seed

Although squirrels love common bird seeds, such as black oil sunflower seed or corn, there are a few types of bird seed that squirrels don’t like to eat:

Safflower Seeds: Attract birds such as cardinals, chickadees and titmice, but have a bitterness that squirrels usually don't like.

Niger (Thistle) Seed: This seed attracts a variety of finches, but squirrels appear to leave this seed alone, most of the time.

Hot Pepper in Bird Food: Adding some hot pepper is another great way to keep squirrels away. Birds are not affected by the spicy flavor, but squirrels detest it and will usually avoid the peppered seeds.

By offering these seeds in your bird feeders, you can effectively feed the birds you love while limiting the food availability to squirrels.

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