Wild Bird Water Feeders

Fresh, clean water can often be difficult for birds to find. Water is essential to their survival. In fact, it can be even more vital than food. By adding a Perky-Pet® Wild Bird Waterer to your yard, you will provide your birds with much-needed refreshment and make your backyard the one stop shop for food and drink!

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Wild Bird Water Feeders and Bird Baths

So, you have your bird feeders out and filled to the brim with seed. Birds are beginning to flock to your feeders and your yard is starting to become bird heaven! Yet, you still feel like there is something missing – water!

Birds need water to drink and bathe in – it’s as simple as that. Water helps keep a birds’ body temperature regulated. If they don’t find fresh water, they can overheat or dehydrate . Offering them water with a Perky-Pet® Wild Bird Water Feeder will provide them with garden-fresh drinking whenever they choose.

Birds need water in summer to stay cool, but it’s equally important to offer birds water in winter when most water sources are frozen. During the winter months, many ponds, streams, and lakes are frozen and unusable to birds. Winter is a great time to consistently put out and maintain your waterer.

Birds have an excellent memory and once they realize they have a fresh water source in your backyard, including a bird bath, they will come back time and again. Make sure that you are changing your water frequently if temperatures are below freezing. If it is especially cold, you can use a small outdoor heater to place near your waterer to keep it from freezing.

Even better, using a bird water feeder can also draw in a larger variety of birds than you’d normally see by offering seed feeders , oriole feeders or hummingbird feeders . With a waterer, you provide a valuable resource for all kinds of birds, not just those that visit your feeders!

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