Window Bird Feeders

Window bird feeders bring the birds right to your window. By mounting your bird feeder directly to your windowpane, you can always enjoy a visit from your feathered friends! Place your suction cup feeders on windows in favorite rooms, such as the living room or kitchen. Then enjoy watching the birds from the comfort of your favorite chair!

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Window Bird Feeders

Window Bird Feeders Bring the Birds to You

Window bird feeders are perfect for anyone who’s looking to get up close and personal with the wild birds that make your yard their home. With these feeders, you will always have your feeders in full view to see who’s stopping by for a quick meal. Even when the weather is less than ideal, you will never miss a chance to enjoy the sights and sounds of the songbirds in your yard.

Wondering what kind of birds you’re seeing at your suction cup feeder? Check out any of these handy online bird identification guides!


Lessen the Chance of Window Strikes with a Window Bird Feeder

One of the top concerns for bird scientists is that songbirds and other wild birds can collide with windows, often leading to fatal injuries. These collisions are one of the top, man-made dangers threatening birds, but there are ways to lessen the chances of a bird striking the window.

One of the top suggestions is to install a window-mounted bird feeder. That’s because birds are usually slowing down for a landing as they approach a suction-cup feeder. Because they’re going slower, they can see the window before they come in contact with it, and avoid it. Then, when they go to take off from the feeder, they will simply fly in the opposite direction from the window.

Bird fatalities by window strikes are often the highest when a bird is going at top speed. So, having a bird feeder directly mounted to the window will help make sure they are not going top speed if they do happen to contact the glass.

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