Oriole Nectar

Orioles love the sugar in oriole nectar. By using only 100% sucrose, Perky-Pet® oriole nectar is a nutritious, high-energy meal for the orioles visiting your yard. This oriole food is available in powder and liquid concentrates for easy mixing, and ready-to-use solutions that require no mixing at all.

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  1. $5.99
    • 1L (33.8 oz) of ready-to-use oriole nectar
    • With natural citrus flavors
    • 100% sucrose – providing high energy nutrition
    • No mixing or boiling required
  2. $8.99
    • Bird preferred - 100% sucrose
    • 32 ounce bottle of oriole concentrate
    • Makes 128 ounces of nectar
    • Easy to use - just mix with water
  3. $2.49
    • Easy to use powder concentrate - natural citrus flavor
    • Makes 48 oz of nectar
    • 100% sucrose – providing high energy nutrition
    • Simply mix with water – no boiling required

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The Oriole Nectar Birds Will Love!

Orioles have been known to visit hummingbird feeders in an effort to drink the nectar. However, it’s difficult for orioles to feed from a hummingbird feeder because they are much larger than even the largest of hummingbirds. Hummingbird feeders are simply too small for orioles to use easily!

That’s why oriole feeders were developed. These feeders feature larger perches, broader feeding ports to accommodate bigger beaks and an orange color that draws these birds to a feeder built just for them!

Orioles also prefer citrus fruits, such as oranges, and our oriole nectar has a natural citrus flavor and slight orange color making it that much more appealing to orioles. Be aware that oriole feeders need to be cleaned and refilled regularly, just like hummingbird feeders. The nectar can ferment and spoil if left out in the hot sun, so it’s important to clean oriole feeders every few days in moderate climates and every day in hot climates.

Other Ways to Attract Orioles

Orioles are attracted to a number of other food options as well. By providing them with a selection of food choices, you’re sure to attract these orange-tinted beauties in no time!

  • Jelly - Orioles love jelly, particularly grape jelly and orange marmalade. Place a jelly feeder near your oriole nectar feeder to offer them extra sweetness!
  • Fruit - Fruit such as oranges, apples, and berries are particularly appealing to orioles. You can simply place these on a dish outside for the orioles to eat.
  • Insects - Insects are rich in protein. Orioles will eat insects in the summer months when breeding and raising their young.
  • Flowers - Orioles are attracted to the same nectar-producing flowers just like hummingbird feeders that hummingbirds are attracted to. Plant oriole-attracting flowers nearby such as honeysuckle, petunia and bee balm to give them another fragrant food source.
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