Check Out the Perky-Pet® Ontario Feeder Cam

Check Out the Perky-Pet® Ontario Feeder Cam

It’s that time of year again. Fall is well underway and November is finally here. You know what that means….That’s right, the Ontario Feeder Cam is back! Perky-Pet® has once again teamed up with the bird experts at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology to sponsor the popular live streaming HD bird feeder camera.

The high-resolution bird feeder camera is set up in Ontario, Canada, where bird-loving viewers can spot a wide variety of feeder birds including Pine Grosbeaks, Common Redpolls, Downy Woodpeckers, Black-capped Chickadees, as well as the occasional squirrel.


About the Feeder Cam Location

The Ontario Feeder Cam launches each year to coincide with the coming of winter weather, the typical indicator for birds to change their feeding habits for a large part of North America. That’s when the seed-feeding season begins for many northern climates. Birds switch from eating bugs to their cold-weather diets, which mostly includes seeds, nuts, and berries. For areas where the autumn and winter are more severe, bird feeders are especially helpful to the bird population.

The feeder cam is set up in Tammie and Ben Hache’s large, rural backyard in Manitouwadge, Ontario, Canada, which is located in the Thunder Bay region, and situated close to the northern shores of Lake Superior.

The feeders are placed near a large birch tree where birds can rest and take shelter. Other trees and shrubs are also in the yard for additional shelter. Just beyond the picket fence is a swamp, a lake and a large stand of trees as well as fruit and berry-producing shrubs.

The entire feeder cam display and feeder system is mounted on a raised pole made by the hosts out of plastic piping. This system supports the camera and feeders high off the ground to discourage squirrels. Last year, they went through over 750 lb of sunflower seeds!

Featured Feeders on the Ontario Feeder Cam

The hosts were provided with several Perky-Pet® feeders and K-Feeders for use on the feeder cam. Throughout the season, you can expect to see a rotating set of feeders serving sunflower seed, Nyjer® seed, and peanuts:

Feeder ModelDetails
Perky-Pet® Solar Lighthouse Finch Feeder This finch-friendly feeder has a distinctive lighthouse silhouette complete with a solar-powered LED light that makes it perfect for nighttime viewing! It holds plenty of Nyjer® seed and has a spacious design that can accommodate up to 15 birds at once.
Perky-Pet® Fly Thru Wild Bird Feeder With its unique, dual-purpose design, the Fly Thru allows birds to rest inside the feeder itself, as well as feed. This feeder is a favorite of climbing birds, such as nuthatches and chickadees. These birds can even eat from the underside of this seed feeder!
Perky-Pet® Tin Jay Wood Feeder This delightful feeder is made from aromatic cedar to delight and attract a variety of birds. In addition, the Tin Jay Wood Feeder features six twig-style perches to accommodate multiple birds and offer a natural feeding experience. The large seed capacity ensures hours of bird-watching enjoyment.
Perky-Pet® Sunflower Seed and Peanut Feeder This unique tube feeder is perfect for tempting a variety of birds, as it is able to serve sunflower seed or peanuts. The surface is covered with perforations to allow a multitude of birds to cling and dine simultaneously. Plus, the metal construction will resist persistent squirrels!
K-Feeders Carousel Wild Bird Feeder K-Feeders were designed for large capacity feeding, which is perfect for busy backyards. To attract a variety of birds, this feeder is able to serve multiple types of seed at once thanks to separate compartments. Plus, the sturdy design and large baffle will keep out squirrels.
Perky-Pet® Ladybug Mesh Wild Bird Feeder In addition to the durable all-metal construction, this feeder features a charming ladybug design. The mesh surface allows birds to cling anywhere as they dine. Best of all, this feeder is great for serving a variety of seed types as well as suet balls!

Ontario Feeder Cam Site Highlights

The Cornell website hosts a number of features to help viewers enjoy and understand the birds dining at the Perky-Pet® feeders shown in the live video feed:

  • Want to share in the fun? Check out the Twitter feed at the side of the video display, where you can interact with a live Twitter moderator and fellow fans.
  • Afraid you missed something? You can watch past video clips to catch up on highlights of the bird-feeding season.
  • Wondering about the birds you see on the feeder cam? Visit the Species Info section for profiles of the most common birds dropping by the feeders.
  • Want to get involved? Check out the educational resources available from the Cornell website and find out how you can become a part of Project FeederWatch.

ontario feeder cam blue jay trio

The Ontario feeder cam will be active now through the mid-Spring. It will take the summer off and resume activity next November.

Where will you be playing the feeder cam? At work? At home? Let us know! Did you spot something amazing on the Ontario Feeder Cam? Head on over to our Facebook page to share your screenshots with the Perky-Pet® community.

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