Types of Bird Seed: Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

Almost as overwhelming as the choice of which feeder to buy, is the choice of what food to serve in your feeder. Different species of birds are attracted to different seed types.

The information below can help you make sense of the bags and boxes of bird food on the store shelves.

Black-Oil SunFlower

Black-Oil Sunflower Seed

Black-Oil Sunflower Seed is the bird seed preferred by the greatest variety of birds. If Bird food Black Oil Sunflower Seedsyou were going to pick only one type of bird seed, black oil sunflower seed would be it!

Sunflower seeds, in general, are popular bird seed options, and included in a lot of mix varieties. Black Oil Sunflower seeds, when compared to the more-common striped sunflower seeds, tend to have larger/thicker seeds, higher oil content, and generally better nutrition. The black oil sunflower seed is high in protein, fiber, calcium, vitamin b-complex, vitamin e, potassium and iron.

They can be purchased without shells to help eliminate waste and mess.

Which birds eat Black Oil Sunflower Seeds?

Black-Oil sunflower seed attracts Northern Cardinals, Tufted titmice, Mourning doves, Gray catbirds, Evening grosbeaks, Boat-tailed and Common grackles, Bushtits, House finches, Pine siskins, Black-billed magpies and all species of chickadees, nuthatches, and jays - just to name a few.

Which feeders work best for Sunflower Seeds?

Our selection of Sunflower Seed Bird Feeders includes many options not conventionally selected for sunflower seeds, such as mesh feeders. Our No/No Mesh Feeders are designed specifically to be durable, and come in different mesh-widths to accommodate different seed sizes. We also have tube and triple-tube feeders with adjustable feeding ports so you can easily switch from a size that works for sunflower seeds to a smaller port should you wish to switch to a thistle/finch mix.


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