Bird Species Library

With about 10,000 known bird species, it can seem like quite an undertaking to learn about them. Why not start by finding out about the birds in your own neighborhood? Read on to learn about these wonderful creatures!

Bird Library, Hummingbird Library

hummingbird library

Hummingbirds, small in size, are members of the Trochilidae family of birds. These tiny birds are truly amazing - they have the ability to hover in mid-air, thanks to their up to 80 wing-flaps per second!

Bird Library, Wild Bird Library

wild bird library

Wild birds covers a wide range of different species from many different families. We are familiar with those at our own bird feeders, but they're just a few of the many wild birds that reside in the Americas.

Bird Library, Oriole Library

oriole library

Orioles are into New World Orioles and Old World Orioles. Although both have similar features, those in the United States belong to the New World group. One species has a baseball teamed named after it!