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Choosing a Bird Feeder

The easiest way to attract birds to your yard is to put up a bird feeder. With so many types of bird feeders available, choosing one can be overwhelming! Here is a quick reference guide to the different bird feeders and the benefits of each.

View the many types of bird feeders, including tube feeders, thistle feeders, hopper bird feeders, squirrel resistant feeders and hummingbird feeders. Hopper bird feeders are attractive to most feeder birds, including sparrows, cardinals, and chickadees while the finches would prefer a thistle feeder. Which type of bird feeder attracts your favorite bird? Find out below!

We have three main types of wild bird seed feeders. There is a wide variety of seed feeders, so take a look at the style and function of each one to help you make a good decision when selecting a seed feeder. Sip & Seed   Squirrel Resistant   Tube   Hopper   No/No  
We have three main types of oriole feeders. Each feeder has a bright orange color to attract these beautiful birds to its nectar, but the design and function varies among the oriole feeders. Top-FIll   Bottom-Fill   Dish   Jelly  
We have three main types of hummingbird feeders. Each of these types are further subdivided by their function, design or decoration. Top-Fill   Bottom-Fill   Decorative  

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