Squirrel Proofing 101 - How to Make Feeders Squirrel-Resistant

You know who really loves bird seed? Squirrels!

They do everything in their power to steal all the bird seed from your bird feeders. As they rummage through your bird seed in search of the tastiest treats, your anger may melt as you realize they’re only trying to get something to eat.

Your sympathy can only go so far, though. Your bird feeders are meant to feed birds. Between the cost of bird seed and your desire to see backyard birds, it’s totally justifiable to take steps to keep the little fuzzballs from your feeders.

Of course, you may think your set-up is already squirrel-resistant, but what you don't know is that squirrels have nothing better to do with their time than to foil your best attempts at making your feeders squirrel-resistant. It can be a frustrating battle -- their combination of intelligence, agility and persistence make them formidable opponents -- but you can overcome them and drive them away.

In fact, fighting back against these bandits is much simpler than you think! Making a feeder Squirrel-Resistant is a matter of trial and error, and Perky-Pet® has collected all the best ideas to create this guide.

By mixing and matching these methods for squirrel resistance, you're sure to create the squirrel-resistant bird feeding zone you're after!


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