perky-pet premium®

High quality materials and cutting edge design equals more durable and better looking bird feeders. Perky-Pet® Premium provides superior bird feeders for superior bird feeding!


After years of research, planning, and testing, Perky-Pet® is proud to introduce our most effective, top of the line bird feeders yet – Perky-Pet® Premium! Unlike other bird feeders, the Perky-Pet® Premium family employs expertly designed features combined with the highest quality material. This superior bird feeder line offers more squirrel resistance, more durability, and more sophistication.

At Perky-Pet®, we truly believe that a superior bird feeder can be the difference you need to attract birds from near and far. These premium bird feeders are built to withstand whatever nature may throw its way. Made with heavy-duty die-cast zinc parts and solid polycarbonate tubes, these premium seed feeders are tough. Our first-rate hummingbird feeders come packed with extra features like wide mouth bottles, bee guards, and ant moats. You’re sure to see a large quantity of birds flocking to these topnotch feeders!

Every Perky-Pet® Premium product comes with a Perky-Pet® Lifetime Limited Warranty. We stand behind our products and want you to enjoy bird feeding for many years to come. Collect them all and delight in feeding the loveliest, most observable animals in the world.


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