Hummingbird Map Help

Every year thousands of citizens await a sighting of their beloved hummingbirds to pass through as part of their annual migration. If you have been one of the lucky ones to spot these beautiful birds and want to tell us and many others about it, Perky-Pet® has given you the ability to do so! Learn more about our migration map and the other tools on this page by reading the help sections below.

Submit a Sighting

To submit a sighting, simply click on the Submit A Sighting button. A window will pop-up allowing you to enter your information. Upon clicking the submit button, the pop-up will close and you will see the map displaying your entry. Note: We ask for your zip code in order to pin point your sighting on the map.

Uploading a Photo

If you are lucky enough to snap a photo of the hummingbird you spotted, you can upload your photo in the Submit a Sighting pop-up window. Click on the Browse button and find the photo in your files. Photos must be 50 x 50 pixels.

Tell Your Friends

Share the Perky-Pet® migration map with family and friends by clicking on the facebook and twitter buttons.

Calendar of Events

Click on the Calendar of Events tab to see the various hummingbird events and festivals held annually all across the United States. Want to see your festival listed? Send us an email or give us a call!

Migration Facts

Learn all about the annual hummingbird journey! See the routes they travel and learn about the fascinating history of this amazing feat.

Hummingbird Species

At the bottom of the map you will notice a few of the most seen hummingbird species (in the U.S.). Click on the Anna's tab to see only this particular species, or click on the See All tab to see where all the species that have been spotted.

If you see another species that is not listed at the bottom of the map, let us know and if we get enough requests we will add the tab.

Hummingbird Library

Click on our Hummingbird Library button to learn about the various hummingbird species. Learn about their habitats, territorial nature, and much more!

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