How to Build A Homemade Bird Bath

How to Build A Homemade Bird Bath

Clean water is an essential part of attracting birds to your backyard. If you’re a DIYer, you might feel the urge to build your own bird bath.  Here are some things to keep in mind when you design your new bath:

1. Pick a bath

Anything that's about a foot across and can hold water will do:

  • Garbage can lids
  • Clay pots
  • Pie pans
  • Hubcaps

The water inside your containers should be about 1-2 inches deep.  Angle the bath on a tilt to give it varying depths for different types of birds.

2. Pick a post

  • None - place your birdbath in a depression in the ground.  This placement is not a good idea if you have cats or other predators.
  • Traditional - a post with a thickness of 3 inches or more will work. Make sure you can fit the bath steadily and securely.
  • Hanging - Your hanging birdbath configuration needs to handle the elements in your climate and the weight of the birds on top.

3. Pick the right location

The best birdbath location is in partial shade with some low vegetation underneath.  Preferably there should be a shrub or tree nearby to provide cover in case a predator is nearby.  Out in the open isn't desirable because of hawks and other flying predators, and too far into the thicket is scary too - something could be lurking.

4. Install and Enjoy!


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