Celebrate National Bird Feeding Month From Your Couch

Celebrate National Bird Feeding Month From Your Couch

February is National Bird Feeding Month and there are many great ways you can celebrate!

If you’ve been feeding birds this winter and want to participate in honoring our feathered friends this month, check out the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) hosted by Cornell’s Lab of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society.

The GBBC happens twice a year and is very easy to participate in. The count runs February 18th through February 21st – so don’t wait too long! The best part about joining in the count is that you can do it just about anywhere – even from your cozy couch! However, don’t think you need to report only the birds you see in your backyard. You can report birds you spot from any location whether it be in a local park, schoolyard, or while visiting a friend.

Counting can be done in three easy steps:

  1. Grab a pen and paper. Watch the birds at least fifteen minutes or more, at least one of the days during the count. You can do more if you like, but that is up to you. Count birds as many times a day as you like and in as many locations as you like – you can enter your counts once a day or several times a day.
  2. Count the greatest number of individual of each species that you see or hear within this time and record them.
  3. Go to birdcount.org and discover the multiple ways you can enter your counts.

There are many other fun events centered around this count, including a photo contest, group counts, and there may even be a local celebration going on in your area.

Not interested in participating this year? No problem, birdsource.org offers a photo gallery for you to view at your leisure.

Happy birding – now start counting!


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