How to Squirrel Proof Your Yard

How to Squirrel Proof Your Yard

Squirrels are delightful – at first. Then, as you see them bullying the birds and eating the expensive seed at your wild bird feeders, suddenly they're a downright nuisance. And not very nice; they love the best bird food – black oil sunflower seeds, nuts and suet – as much as the birds. But they don't share the way birds do. They chase the birds away and then sit and eat until all the seed is gone.

Squirrel says, "Hi."

Tired of this? Then it's time to get squirrel resistant feeders!

Down With Squirrels!

Start your anti-squirrel campaign by getting one or more of our squirrel resistant bird feeders. Easy to use, each has a defense mechanism designed to thwart the efforts of these feisty furry feasters.

Weight Activated Squirrel Resistant Feeders

Our Squirrel-Be-Gone® series contains a highly calibrated, weight-sensitive mechanism that closes the seed ports the moment anything heavier than a bird stands on it. When the squirrel leaves, the ports reopen for the birds.

Squirrel on bird feeder

Baffle Squirrel Resistant Feeders

Birds prevail where squirrels fail! These feeders use a baffle that throws squirrels off balance. They are superior at keeping these rowdy rodents from getting to your birdseed.

Squirrel on bird feeder

Decorative Squirrel Resistant Feeders

Who says squirrel resistant feeders can’t be pretty? Add a touch of artistry to your yard, and protect your birdseed from going to the wrong customer.

Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder

Pole Mount Squirrel Resistant Feeders

Place your bird feeder on a pole so squirrels can't reach it. This must be at least 6 feet high because squirrels are superb athletes; they can jump almost 4 feet vertically. Also, they leap from above, so place your pole feeder at least 12 feet away from branches.

Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder

Caged Squirrel Resistant Feeders

Insert a tube feeder inside a metal, chew-resistant cage that lets birds in but keeps out squirrels, and you've got a Caged Squirrel Resistant Feeder.

Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder

Avoid Launch Pad Areas

Place bird feeders away from squirrel 'launch pads' – buildings, trees, branches, bushes, fences, etc.

Squirrel in tree

Whirl a Squirrel

Suspend your feeders with horizontal cord or wire. Put the wire into 2-inch diameter plastic pipe sections. If a squirrel tries to walk on this, it'll spin and throw them off.

Anti-Squirrel Cuisine

Mix an anti-squirrel blend. Birds love safflower and nyger seed, squirrels don't. They also avoid hot food; add cayenne pepper to the mix. Use this regularly until the squirrels lose interest in your feeders.

Accessorize Your Feeder

There are several types of accessories to use to deter squirrels from gaining access to your feeders. The most common are squirrel baffles, which are used to block a squirrel from getting to the seed in your feeder. Baffles come in all shapes and sizes. Learn more about squirrel baffles.

Squirrel Baffle

“Solutions” to Avoid

  • Don't use poison – you'll kill not only squirrels, but birds and other animals. 
  • Don't shoot squirrels – it's illegal in many places and you might accidentally shoot a bird, pet or person. 
  • Don't use grease – it doesn't keep squirrels off feeders. And it gets on bird feathers and animal fur, putting all at risk for illness or death. 
  • Don't let your cat hunt squirrels – it'll just as easily go after wild birds. 

Meet the challenge of controlling these indigenous irritators with squirrel resistant bird feeders from Perky-Pet®. Let the anti-squirrel campaign begin!

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