10 Valentine's Day Gifts for Bird Lovers

10 Valentine's Day Gifts for Bird Lovers

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and you may have plans to purchase chocolates and flowers, but consider getting something extra for that special someone! If you are still searching for that perfect gift, we are here to help. The experts at Perky-Pet® came together to create a list of top 10 Valentine’s Day gifts for bird lovers!

1. Bird Guides

Bird lovers enjoy the exciting surprise of a new bird that visits their yard, but they may not know exactly what type of bird their new visitor is. Sure, they could go to the internet to try and find out what it is, but there’s nothing better than having a good bird guide at your disposal. There are a few options of bird guides to choose from, but a few specific ones include: bird guides that focus on hummingbirds and digital bird guides for any birder with a techy side. Take the time to select the bird guide that best suits the bird lover you’re buying for.

2. Field Vests

When the bird lover in your life wants to take their bird watching skills beyond their yard, a field vest is the perfect gift for them. This will allow them to carry all that they need, whether it’s a pair of binoculars, their bird guide, or even a notepad and pen.

3. Seed Storage Bins

We all know how sneaky squirrels can be when they are hungry. Protecting your bird seed is just as important as keeping the squirrels out of your feeders. To help the bird lover in your life with this we recommend that they use a heavy duty storage bin to keep their extra seed safe. Plastic bins are fine, but as we tested, you might be better off with a galvanized metal can to ensure that pests leave the seeds for the birds.

4. Squirrel-Resistant Feeders

Bird lovers enjoy visits from small, feathered flyers, but they do not like the sneaky little squirrels stopping by and ruining all the fun. If you know someone like this then a squirrel resistant feeder is a great Valentine’s Day gift option! Perky-Pet® offers numerous options that help keep the squirrels out but allow the birds to feast to their stomachs’ content.

smartphone lense

5. Smartphone Lenses to Take Bird Pictures

Today’s smartphone camera is a high tech piece of equipment that can take excellent photos. We’re sure the bird lover in your life has taken several wonderful shots with their smartphone, but what if they could take even better shots from farther distances? Well that’s where a smartphone lens could come in handy. These lenses range in price, so if you’re on a budget, go for one of the lower priced options. Any lens will increase the quality of their photos and put their birdwatching over the top.

6.  Prints of Their Bird Photos

Do they already have print-worthy bird photos? Then print them out! A bird lover can admire their photos from a phone or computer screen all they want, but the best way to enjoy an image is to have it in print. You can have the shots framed so they can spread their bird love around the house or at that their office desk.

A small K Feeder for the office can be a perfect pick-me up.7.  Window Feeders for the Office

Speaking of offices, why let their bird love stop at a picture. Why not bring their hobby to work? By getting them a window they can enjoy feathered visitors throughout their 9 to 5 work day. Our window bird feeders are a perfect, compact option for any window!

8. Bird Magazine Subscriptions

If you have an avid bird lover who can’t seem to get enough, then try a subscription to a bird magazine. This way they can stay on top of birding news, trends, and topics to feed their bird-loving hearts. There are several magazines to pick from, including the American Birding Association’s publication, as well as Birdwatch Magazine. Once again, if this person you are looking to buy for is also techy, why not try the digital magazine version?

9. Hummingbird Kits

Have a fan of hummingbirds in your life? Set them up with a full kit of hummingbird feeding goodies! Perky-Pet® Hummingbird Feeding Kits include great items, including a hummingbird feeder, a nectar concentrate packet, a feeder cleaning mop, and illustrated pamphlets complete with hummingbird facts. With this they can enjoy the numerous hummers that will visit their yard!

10. Bird Waterers

The bird lover in your life knows how equally important it is to keep their birds hydrated. That’s why we recommend getting them a bird waterer for Valentine’s Day. There are many ways to provide a water source for the birds in their yard, including bird baths, glass waterers, and top-fill waterers


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