Bluebirds in Danger of Decline: How to Help

Bluebirds in Danger of Decline: How to Help

bluebirdIt’s hard to believe that the bluebird population was once in decline, but it’s true. Between 1920s and 1970s suburban developments grew, as well as industrial agriculture causing farmlands, forests, and grasslands to shrink. This growth debilitated the number of plants that bluebirds rely on for food and nesting.

Luckily, bird lovers like yourself joined together and began rebuilding the greens and foliage that bluebirds love, thus bringing their population back to life, while enhancing the environment.

Unfortunately, bluebirds will always be in danger of decline with more and more developments popping up yearly, however, we can help prevent this with a few important steps:

  • Bluebirds love insects and fruits so planting bushes and other plants that produce berries will definitely welcome them to visit your backyard.
  • Add water! All birds need water for drinking, bathing and preening. Take a look at our newest waterer – perfect for bluebirds.
  • Make sure to choose native plants, rather than exotic types, because native plants attract a larger number of insects than do exotic plants.
  • If you want to help bluebirds in a big way, build them a nest box. Make sure to design your bluebird nest properly to prevent predators and pests. Hole size as well as proper ventilation and good drainage are important to keep in mind.

Good luck… and remember that attracting bluebirds will also benefit mother earth!!


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