Celebrate National Bird Feeding Month

Celebrate National Bird Feeding Month

Winter is hanging tough in much of North America - the cold temperatures are stagnant, the wind continues to whip and the snow is still flurrying. As we bundle up daily in wool coats, hats and mittens, it might be the time to stop and ask ourselves- “What about the birds?”

Consider that the average wild bird weighs less than two nickels and you’ll realize that the winter can be a very punishing time for your backyard friends. Which is why in 1994, John Porter, Illinois’ 10th District Congressman read a resolution that February would become National Bird Feeding Month.

National Bird Feeding Month

According to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service survey results, bird watching has become one of the most popular hobbies among Americans - about 47.8 million to be exact!

Bird feeding is an important hobby in that it provides birds with food, water and shelter and benefits the environment. Plus, bird feeding is such an easy and inexpensive hobby to start. A simple tube or hopper feeder and a bag of seed, and you are ready to begin. However, for most people, interest grows as they learn about and become more familiar with different birds in their area.

At Perky-Pet®, we continue to support bird feeding during National Bird Feeding Month and throughout the entire year with our hummingbird and wild bird feeders. Now get going and feed those birds!

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