All-metal durability and patented diamond mesh feeding system feeds more birds than the average bird feeder.


NO WOOD and NO PLASTIC – that’s the NO/NO® philosophy. We strive to make our feeders tough and resilient to withstand the test of time. Every NO/NO® bird feeder is constructed with all metal parts, so there’s no wood to rot, and no plastic to break or warp.

The patented diamond mesh feeding system is the foundation behind NO/NO® wild bird feeders. This mesh allows birds to use the entire surface area of the feeder to eat from. Clinging birds can cling to the mesh and pick out seed wherever they choose, while perching birds can perch on the wraparound perches or trays.

Most are designed to dispense black oil sunflower seeds, safflower seeds, or peanut pieces, which are all packed with the vital nutrition backyard birds crave. Others are uniquely designed with smaller mesh openings for Nyjer® or thistle seed.

Unlike other tube style feeders, the patented seed baffles inside NO/NO® tube and multi-tier feeders retain seed at the upper levels. In turn, the exterior mesh screen can provide hundreds of feeding ports up and down the entire feeder, even as the seed empties. You will love attracting more birds than ever before with a NO/NO® wild bird feeder.


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recommended products