Perky-Pet® Straight-Sided Sunflower Tube Wild Bird Feeder

Perky-Pet® Straight-Sided Sunflower Tube Wild Bird Feeder 3 4.7 5 1
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  • Powder-coated all-metal mesh construction for superior durability
  • Twist-off top allows for effortless refilling
  • Built-in baffle and seed tray
  • Evenseed™ technology dispenses seed evenly to all 3 tiers
  • Holds up to 1.5 lb of black oil sunflower seed

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Perky-Pet® Straight-Sided Sunflower Tube Feeder

Make your yard the neighborhood hot spot for your favorite feathered friends when you add this Perky-Pet® Straight-Sided Sunflower Tube Feeder to your outdoor space. It has a durable construction and large capacity for use year after year, and the sunflower tube design can accommodate many birds at once so no one has to wait in line. Whether you're a dedicated bird watcher or just want to enjoy the beautiful colors birds can bring to your yard, this bird feeder is perfect for hanging outside a window or from a tree limb.

All-Metal Construction

All-Metal Construction

The Perky-Pet® Straight-Sided Sunflower Tube Feeder stands for durability. It has no wood and no plastic – it’s all metal! The wire mesh design features a powder-coated finish to resist rust, while the metal construction will help thwart squirrel damage. This sturdy, long-lasting feeder is sure to stand up to lots of use day after day.

Great For Clinging and Perching

Birds won’t be able to resist flocking to the Perky-Pet® Straight-Sided Sunflower Tube Feeder. The diamond-shaped mesh surface and circular perch create an all-over dining area to accommodate several birds at once without competition. The mesh makes the perfect landing place for clinging birds, while 360-degree seed tray encourages perching.

Great For Clinging and Perching
Longer Feeding Times

Longer Feeding Times

This feeder can hold up to 1.5 pounds of seed at a time, so you can have more time between fills, and you don't have to worry about birds finding an empty feeder. Black-oil sunflower seed is ideal for this feeder, and it has Evenseed™ technology, so the food is dispensed evenly through the three-tier system.

Easy to Fill and Clean

For your convenience, this feeder has a low-maintenance and simple design. To help with cleaning and filling, this bird feeder has a twist-off lid and base that make refilling simple and efficient. The attached baffle and drain holes help deflect and clear out water to keep your seed dry on rainy or snowy days. In addition, this feeder has a wide-mouth opening to allow for mess-free filling. Simply open the lid and pour in the seed!


Perky-Pet® Straight-Sided Sunflower Tube Feeder Product Details

Do you want to know more helpful details about the Straight-Sided Sunflower Tube Feeder? Take a closer look at the in-depth specifications for this product.

Perky-Pet® Straight-Sided Sunflower Tube Feeder
Model # GSS00347
Height 16.5 inches
Diameter 7.4 inches
Capacity 1.5 lb
Seed Type Black-oil sunflower seed
Materials Metal
Perky-Pet® Straight-Sided Sunflower Bird Feeder - 1.5 lb Capacity
Model Number GSS00347
Evenseed™ Technology Dispenses seed evenly throughout all three tiers
Features Attached baffle and built-in drain holes keep seed dry
Capacity 1.5 lb seed

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Great- almost perfect
Jul 12, 2021
I purchased this inexpensive feeder ($20 at Home Depot) because some other more expensive ones ($100 or more from other producers) get over-run with small birds so that Cardinals feel threatened- or the seed bin is so small I have to fill every day. This one does have to be filled every day, but the Cardinals love it and can eat perched while the clinging birds are happily munching. I've even had a Red Bellied Woodpecker (they are large, ya know) who hangs from the bottom. The squirrels have not tried to defeat it because its hanging on an extended pole 25 feet above ground and they recognize the threat. I also have plastic spikes that are attached to the horizontal rail so they don't like that either and it doesn't bother the birds. Really would be a perfect feeder if it were larger and if the additional tray to catch the waste were included. Oh, and I use shelled sunflower seeds and hearts; when I fill it I lose a little but not much.
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Perfect sunflower feeder for small songbirds.
Apr 26, 2020
This is a perfect tube feeder for sunflower seed. Both Goldfinches and House Finches have loved it from the first day I put it out. The round platform provides them ample room to perch and it is easy for them to cling to the sides, as well. The metal mesh is perfectly sized for Black oil sunflower seed. They do not fall out and yet are easily removed by feeding birds. Because it's open, it is very easy to rinse off after a rain and refill. It is lightweight and yet very durable and as a bonus is a very pretty, light purple color. Truly, a perfect feeder!
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Jan 28, 2019
The most popular feeder used by the largest variety of birds in my yard. Holes in mesh are just the right size and shape for black oil sunflower seeds, keeps them in well, but easy for birds to remove. Better than other feeders I have. "Sassy" squirrel gets some seed, but hasn't destroyed feeder and usually decides it's too much work for the effort. I like the fact that there is a threaded fitting on the bottom. I attached a large clear seed tray to keep more of the mess off the ground (Cardinals like tray too) and use a large baffle above to shield feeder more from the weather. Easy to disassemble, clean and fill. The black mesh has faded to gray after a few months, but other than that, it's great!
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