Perky-Pet® Straight-Sided Finch Tube Feeder

Perky-Pet® Straight-Sided Finch Tube Feeder 9 2.8 5 1
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  • No plastic, No wood
  • Dispenses 1.5 lb of thistle seed
  • Patented baffles help retain seed along entire length of feeder
  • Attracts both clinging and perching birds

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Perky-Pet® Yellow Straight-Sided Finch Feeder

Make your backyard or garden the new hotspot for every thistle-eating bird in town with the Perky-Pet® Yellow Straight-Sided Finch Feeder. This charming 1.5 lb capacity feeder is a perfect combination of durable and functional. The wire mesh, all-metal construction resists damage, while also being low-maintenance and easy to clean. In addition, Evenseed technology also allows for an even distribution of seed throughout the feeder as it empties.

All Metal Construction

The Perky-Pet® Yellow Straight-Sided Finch Feeder stands for durability. It has no wood and no plastic – it’s all metal! The wire mesh design features a powder-coated finish to resist rust, while the sturdy metal construction will help thwart squirrel damage. You can be sure this feeder will be a focal point in your backyard for many years to come!

Accommodates Many Birds

Birds won’t be able to resist flocking to the Perky-Pet® Yellow Straight-Sided Finch Feeder. The diamond-shaped mesh surface and circular perch create an all-over dining area to accommodate several birds at once without competition. The mesh makes the perfect landing place for clinging, while 360-degree seed tray encourages perching.


For your convenience, this feeder’s size and materials allow for easy cleaning so keeping your feeding station fresh is never a chore. In addition, the easy twist-off cap ensures mess-free filling. After pouring in seed, the feeder’s Evenseed design allows it to be evenly distributed through all three tiers!

Seed Stays Fresh

Thanks to this feeder’s built-in drainage holes, water is unable to pool in the reservoir. In addition, the mesh design provides ventilation so wet seed airs out quickly and remains fresh for longer. The large overhang helps to shield the seed (as well as birds) from wet weather. Not only will the birds love this feeder, but it also means less seed waste!

Perky-Pet® Yellow Straight-Sided Finch Feeder Product Details

Do you want to know more helpful details about the Yellow Straight-Sided Finch Feeder? Take a closer look at the in-depth specifications for this product.

Perky-Pet® Yellow Straight-Sided Finch Feeder
Model # YSSF00346-2
Height 18.8 inches
Diameter 7.3 inches
Capacity 1.5lb
Seed Type Thistle
Materials Metal
Perky-Pet® Finch Wild Bird Feeder
Model Number YSSF00346-2
Evenseed Technology Even seed dispensing
Circular Seed Tray For clinging and perching birds
Capacity 1.5 lb thistle seed
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Wish I would have read ...
Mar 14, 2023
Wish I would have read the reviews prior to purchasing. I went to fill my new "Nyjer" bird feeder and most ended up on my garage floor. I thought maybe I made a mistake and bought the wrong feeder so got our the information sheet. Nope, says it is a Nyjer feeder. Even the photos of this product on your site appear to be regular birdseed and not thistle. Any suggestions on how to use it??
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Response from Admin
Mar 15, 2023
Thank you for sharing this feedback. We're sorry to hear about this recent experience. When filling any feeder, some spillage is expected. This feeder is only recommended for use with thistle or Nyjer seed. Reach out to us directly with any questions.
Verified Buyer
Good if you have no mourning doves or big birds
Jul 22, 2022
The first product I received was defective, the bottom pan kept falling off. The company sent me a new one which stayed together. However the seed catching pan was big enough for mourning doves to congregate and scare away smaller birds...they emptied the feeder in a matter of hours. When I called Perky Pet to see if there was some sort of attachment or guard to put on the tray to prevent larger birds from feeding, after 20 minutes the response was to get a feeder without a tray! Really? I feel the company should either come up with a solution for this feeder or stop promoting it as a finch feeder. Others on Amazon have noted a similar problem with large birds. I wound up removing the bottom tray and wiring a metal jar lid to the bottom with no place for large birds to perch. Now it is difficult to clean and excess seed just drops on the ground for the doves and rodents. The only thing I like about this feeder is that the baffles distribute the seed evenly. That is why I gave it 2 stars and not 1.
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Response from Admin
Jul 27, 2022
We are sorry that you didn't have better results with this feeder Monica! Please keep in mind that it is covered by a 30 day return policy. Please contact us directly for additional assistance. - Susan
Nyjer seed? Really? Not worth the trouble.
Jul 12, 2021
I bought this feeder on the basis of the tag hanging from it - holds 1.5 lbs. of nyjer seed. I thought this would be a better feeder than a nyjer (thistle) sock. Was I wrong! The first time I went to pour the seed into it, most of it fell through the mesh and all over the floor. I never got it full enough to even try it out - it was just a mess to try to fill. Every time I tried to move it someplace where I could conveniently dump all the seed out, seeds just kept falling out onto the floor and into the feeder's tray. It just wasn't worth dealing with so I returned it.
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Woodstream (Admin)
Jul 12, 2021
I am sorry to hear that! The feeder is backed by our 30 day refund policy, please give us a call at 855-737-5973!
Junk with only a 30-day warranty
Mar 29, 2021
Broke after less than two months. The hanger is "welded" to the top of the feeder and broke off during normal use. One day it was hanging and the next day it wasn't. Looked at how it was attached and they welded a rounded painted ball of metal to another painted surface. Or maybe it was just glued on with crazy glue. Either way, I'm actually surprised it lasted that long after looking at how it was attached.
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Woodstream (Admin)
Mar 29, 2021
I'm so sorry to hear about this Pat! Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. Please keep in mind that the feeder is covered by a one year replacement policy. Feel free to give us a call for further assistance.   Best Regards, Susan
Mesh openings too big and the nyjer seed readily falls out and is wasted.
Mar 25, 2021
Got this through Amazon and it's the worst finch thistle feeder of all my feeders. Thistle seed is expensive and I get it in 50lb. bags to take advantage of the large quantity price break but this feeder makes it very very expensive because the openings in the mesh are so big. The seed runs through at the slightest disturbance and end up on the ground . Really bad design or cheap material here. Very disappointed.
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Woodstream (Admin)
Mar 25, 2021
Oh no, we are sorry to hear about this experience! We appreciate you taking the time to share this feedback with us and will be sure to pass along these comments to the Product Manager for further review. We are only ever looking to improve upon our feeders, which is why your feedback is so critical. It is good to know that this feeder is backed by a 30 day return policy and 1 year replacement policy. Please contact us directly at 855-737-5973 for assistance. Sincerely, Rachel
Birds love it
Apr 22, 2020
Over the past year I tried two different feeders from my local bird store, after my favorite feeder rusted. I couldn’t attract more than one or two finches. This feeder looked the closest to what I had in the past, so I gave it a try. Within one hour, I attracted two finches. Two weeks later I have steady visitors. The baffle system is an improvement over my old favorite. I have a new favorite.
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Would buy again
Nov 19, 2019
My birds are very, very HAPPY with the new feeder. Love the yellow color and the tray at the bottom to catch seed helps keep the ground clean
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Great feeder
May 13, 2019
Bought this feeder at Home Depot ($19.99) and on the 2nd day we had multiple gold finches. The feeder also attracted some house finches, chickadees, and a woodpecker. The birds seem to like it, and the tray at the bottom is nice for the extra seed that falls. The only thing is the hook hole is a little troublesome, but otherwise great durable feeder.
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Jan 28, 2019
The most popular finch feeder in my yard. Took a very long time for them to take to it, but once they did, it's very popular with all the Nyjer eaters. I like the threaded fitting on the bottom. I attached a large clear tray to better keep the mess off the ground and allow the Morning Doves to get their share of the dropped seed. Hole size is good, the birds can remove seed easily, but due to so many holes, some seed falls out, especially when windy. I use a large baffle above to better protect it from the weather. Mesh has faded to gray after a few months. Easy to disassemble, clean and fill. I wrap a piece of doubled cling wrap (that I reuse) around the tube before filling, so less spills out and remove it after hanging. Great finch feeder!
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