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Bird Watching 101

Bird watching is a fascinating hobby. With just a little knowledge about birds and the bird watching information you'll find here, you'll be ready to begin scouting out the beautiful, amazing birds that inhabit our world. can help you become a bird watching pro in no time. What are the best locations for bird watching? What equipment do I need for bird watching? How do I grow a garden that enhances my bird watching experience? Where do I find hummingbird migration information? Find these answers and more at, a birdwatchers favorite source for bird watching information.

Here are some recommended locations in which you can get fully immersed into your bird watching hobby. NORTHWEST   SOUTHWEST   CENTRAL   NORTHEAST   SOUTHEAST  
Wild birds covers a wide range of species. With good bird watching equipment you can spot a wider variety of birds. BINOCULARS   DIGISCOPING  SPOTTING SCOPES 
Want to learn how to attract more birds to your yard? We've got tips for you! And we can tell you how to help scientists learn more about the birds you love. BIRD-FRIENDLY BACKYARD   BIRD-FRIENDLY PLANTS   CITIZEN SCIENCE  

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