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Creating a Bird-Friendly Backyard

Bird feeders are a great first step to bringing a variety of birds to your yard, but there are birds you may be missing out on because they are not seed or nectar eating birds.

Creating a bird-friendly backyard

Many types of birds prefer to eat berries, fruit and insects. You can reach these birds by creating a more bird-friendly backyard.

To create your own bird haven, you will want to start with the three essentials: food, water and shelter. We have included some suggestions for creating your own little bird sanctuary in your backyard!

Bird Food

Growing berries to attract birds

Bird feeders are a great start, but also consider planting some fruit-or-berry-bearing shrubs and trees.

Plants that hold their fruit throughout the winter are an even greater benefit in the colder months. Ask at your local greenhouse or nursery for some suggestions of plants that would be ideal for your area and for the birds in your area.


Water for attracting birds -- bird baths

A good water source, like a birdbath, fountain or a small pond, will help attract birds to your yard.

All birds need water, not just for drinking, but also for keeping clean. Keep your birdbath clean and refill it often so water is available to the birds when they need a drink or bath, especially in hot weather.

Bird Shelter

Bird Shelter for attracting birds

An area of dense plants or shrubs that birds can use for nesting is ideal for helping birds make a shelter.

Growing vines up your house or garden is also a good option for providing birds with a shelter area.

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